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ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview

Otangelo Grasso: This is my library, where I collect information and present arguments developed by myself that lead, in my view, to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation for the origin of the physical world.

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Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith

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Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith 


Oh troubled soul, do not despair,
For though the devil may ensnare,
And tempt you with his fiery darts,
Know that I am greater than his arts.

I see the battles that you face,
And every trial in this race,
But I am with you every step,
To give you strength and help you pep.

You are precious in my sight,
And I will never leave your side,
I sustain your faith and hope,
And through the darkness, I will cope.

There is a light at the end,
And I am with you, my dear friend,
I know what you go through,
For I have faced temptation too.

I am the lion of Judah strong,
And in your weakness, I'll be your song,
yours strength and force,
So trust in me, seek me in prayer,
And victory will be yours to bear.

Heads up, my friend, do not fear,
For I am always near,
Believe in me and say, "Amen,"
For I am with you until the end.

"Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." - James 4:7
"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand." - John 10:27-28
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28
"The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." - Psalm 18:2
"I can do all this through him who gives me strength." - Philippians 4:13
"Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." - Psalm 23:4
"The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure." - 1 Corinthians 10:13
"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." - 2 Corinthians 12:9

In the ancient texts of long ago,
A lion's roar was said to show
The strength of Judah, tribe so bold,
Their power and might, to all was told.

And in this line of royal kings,
A promise of me who brings
A hope and light to all who seek,
A savior, strong and pure and meek.

The Lion of Judah, so my name,
A symbol of me who came,
To take away your sins,
And lead you to a better land.

My roar was heard across the land,
A mighty sound that shook the sand,
Healing those who felt so lost,
And counting each and every cost.

My strength and power, Brings hope to those
who need to hear,
That in my arms, you will find  peace,
Your  pain and sorrows, all release.

So lift your voice high,
And join with those who testify,
Of Jesus, Lion of Judah's line,
Our Savior, King, so pure and divine.

Behold, the Lion of Judah,
The Root of David, strong and true,
With power to break each seal apart,
And make the way for a brand new start.

My roar is heard throughout the land,
A mighty sound that takes a stand,
Against the darkness, sin and strife,
And brings new hope and light to life.

Lion of Judah, brave and bold,
My story has been told,
From ancient times to this very day,
A symbol of strength that's here to stay.

I  show you all the love I  share,
to you who trusts in me alone,
And make my love your very own.

So follow my way,
And walk with me both night and day,
With a heart that sings of love and grace,
And seeks Gods glory in every place.

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As the Son of God, I come to you today
To speak of the Bible in a special way
Many scholars and historians agree
That it's an accurate historical decree

The Bible tells of Israel's ancient past
And other Near Eastern cultures that last
Its wealth of knowledge is truly great
And scholars use it to educate

The Bible's prophecies have come to pass
Fulfilled in ways that few could surpass
From my birth to my death and resurrection too
The Bible's words were proven true

Personal experiences are also key
Many have felt my Father's majesty
Through prayer and faith, they've come to know
That the Bible's teachings help them grow

The Bible's morals and ethics inspire
And its teachings are what many desire
Its words of love and compassion ring true
And show us what we should all pursue

As the Son of God, I hope you can see
The truth of the Bible and its mystery
For in its pages lies divine inspiration
A guide for all, in every generation.

As the Son of God, I must impart
The moral teachings close to my heart
For love is the message I came to bring
A love that will make your heart sing

My Father's commandments are clear
The first, to love Him and hold Him dear
The second, to love your neighbor as yourself
And put your love for them on the highest shelf

Treat others as you want to be treated
And let your love for them never be defeated
For love is the foundation of all we do
And it will guide you in all you pursue

The Beatitudes are another key
That show how to live a life that's free
Blessed are the meek, the pure in heart
And those who hunger for a righteous start

Turn the other cheek, forgive your foes
And let your love for others grow
For in your heart, true love abides
And in His love, you'll surely find your stride

So let love be the message that you share
And let it guide you everywhere
For in love, you'll find the greatest command
To love your God and fellow man.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Sem_tz92




Oh, how clever we are to believe
That minds just sprout like a weed
No creator needed, it's just evolution
The answer to life's most complex solution

Intelligence from mindless matter?
It's almost too good to chatter
But fear not, we have the theory of evolution
The solution for all trades and mental pollution

Who needs a god or a divine spark?
Just believe in Darwin's work
It's not like our minds are a mystery
They just sprouted up, like a tree from its seed

How silly to think a creator's hand
Could craft something as complex as man
No, we evolved from simple beginnings
And now our minds are endlessly winning

So let's all give a round of applause
To the theory that fills in all the flaws
No need to thank a higher power
Evolution is our mind's shining hour




Let us praise

Yah, oh Lord, how good you are, Infinite in mercy, bright as a shining star.
Your love and kindness never cease to amaze, In your presence, we find peace, in your grace, we find grace.
From the dawn of creation, you set your plan, To redeem humanity, to save every man.
You gave us the son, Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, Who suffered and died, to take away our sins.

Your goodness is evident, in the beauty of the earth, In the rainbow after the storm, in the newborn's birth.
You provide for our needs, each and every day, And guide us on our journey, when we lose our way.
In times of trial, you are our comfort and strength, In moments of joy, we lift our voice in praise and thanks.
Your goodness, Lord, is beyond our comprehension, Your ways are higher, your love is our redemption.

We worship you, father, with all of our heart, For you are worthy of praise, you are set apart.
We lift our hands in worship, our voices in song, To you, father, we give our hearts, all day long.
To Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, we give our praise, For he is the way, the truth, the life, the one who saves.
He is the light of the world, the hope for every nation, The one who conquered death, and brought us salvation.

So, let us sing of your goodness, let us proclaim your name, Yahweh and Jesus, and the holy Ghost,
forever worthy of praise, oh triune God, forever and ever, you remain the same.

Praise the Lord in spirit and truth, Not with images of gold or stone, No image can ever replace, The power of
His amazing grace. For He is the one who heals our pain, And gives us hope again. Praise the Lord in
spirit and truth, With hearts pure and minds renewed. Not with images of gold or stone, But with the worship of the throne.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith G28ddd10




Little ones, precious in His sight, Jesus welcomes them
with love and might. The disciples thought them a bother,
But He said, "Let them come, don't deter."
For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such,

In their innocence, they show much. He took them
in His arms and blessed, Their faith a testament, they
confessed."Unless you become like them," He said,
"The kingdom of heaven won't be your stead." Their
humility and trust He admires,Their hearts pure, their
love never tires. Their praise, like music to His ears,
The chief priests and scribes with anger leers.But Jesus
knows the power they possess, To praise Him, and
with love, bless.

Children are a reminder of grace,
Of how we should run in life's race.
Their simple faith and gentle heart,
Teach us to love and do our part.

So let us welcome them with open arms,
And keep them safe from all harm.
For Jesus said, "Whoever welcomes these little ones,
Welcomes me, and the Father's Kingdom comes."

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Dont_f10




Praise the Lord, our Savior divine,
Who came to earth to save mankind.
He walked among us and bore our heavy load.
His love for us was pure and true,
He suffered on the cross to make us anew.
He bore the weight of all our sins,
So that we may have eternal life within.

Praise the Lord Jesus, for his grace and mercy,
That saved us from our eternal suffering and hell
He is the way, the truth, the life,
the beginning and the end, eternal, without an end
And in him, we find everlasting life

Let us lift our voices in song and praise,
To the Lord, Jesus, the Messiah, his name
who fills our days with joy and delight
For he is the King of kings, Lord of all lords,
eternal, creator of all creation,
And the source of our salvation.

Praise the Lord Jesus, now and forevermore,
Let us worship and adore,
For he is worthy of all our praise,
Our hearts and souls, to him we raise.




Praise be to the Lord, our Maker divine,
Whose power and grace forever shine.
He created the birds, so diverse and rare,
Each with its own unique beauty to share.

Take Victoria's riflebird, with feathers so black,
Glistening in the sun, like a starry night's track.
Its vibrant black color is a sight to behold,
The creation of the Lord is so beautiful and bold.

The super black birds-of-paradise,
With feathers so dark, they seem to hypnotize.
Their microstructure, so unusual and rare,
A work of the Lord's genius beyond compare.

From the smallest sparrow to the tallest crane,
The Lord created each with its own unique frame.
The colors, the textures, the shapes, and the sizes,
All a reflection of the Lord's infinite surprises.

So let us praise the Lord, for His creative power,
For the birds that soar, and the marvelous flowers
For the beauty He has given us, to see and to admire,
And the majesty that surrounds us, to never tire.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Imaddg10




The fibrils are darkened because the cellulose molecules and the flax fibrils have been chemically altered there are carbon atoms in the cellulose molecule which under normal circumstances share a single electron bond but the darkened fibrils contain cellulose molecules in which the carbon atoms have a double electron bond the question is what can produce the net effect of the image of the shroud we've experimentally determined that heat can induce the molecular change in the flax fibrils however heat cannot create shaded regions with an equal extent of fibril change and it cannot create a 3d depth map unless we change some fibrils more than others

In fact so far the only process which has been able to produce all of the chemical effects of the fibrils and result in a 3d depth map of a man on the linen is radiation but if radiation is in fact the best explanation for how the image was formed that raises some big questions for both major hypotheses we have absolutely no idea how a medieval artist could have used a controlled radiation source to create the image in the shroud in fact do we even possess this ability today no we don't the previously cited result comes from simulation only because even with our advanced technology today we cannot reproduce the image with all of the same chemical effects we observe in the shroud





As nightfall comes and shadows fall, May peace and rest be yours in all. May angels watch with care and grace, And Jesus lead you to a peaceful night.
May God's great love surround you now, And keep you safe with a holy vow. May dreams be sweet and filled with light, And lead you through the dark of night.
May you find rest in Jesus' name, And let his peace your soul reclaim.

With eyes of love, he looks at you And gives you rest without a fuss. May your dreams be sweet and filled with light, As you lay down to sleep tonight.
The Lord above, with a gentle hand, Blesses and keeps you in his plan. His face shines bright with love and grace, Guiding you to a peaceful night.

May angels watch with care May you awake with hearts renewed, And find new strength in him imbued. So close your eyes and breathe in deep,
And let God's presence be your keep. For in his love, you'll find your rest, And wake up in the morning refreshed and blessed. So rest your head and let go of fear,
For God's loving arms are always near. May you sleep soundly through the night, And wake up to a new day's light.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Sem_td12




Christs desire to save people

In the heart of Christ, burns a flame
A love so fierce, it cannot be tamed
His desire for all to be saved
Is a passion that cannot be waived

He came to earth, to give his life
To rescue us from sin and strife
He suffered and died on the cross
So we could be saved from eternal loss

His love for us is without end
He wants us all to be his friend
He calls to us with open arms
To be saved from Satan's harms

We Christians too, feel this strong desire
To see others saved from the fire
We share the gospel far and wide
So others can find forgiveness,
peace, relief, and eternal life

The thought of anyone lost in hell
Is an idea that we Christians cannot quell
Our hearts ache with a deep concern
For souls that haven't yet been turned

So why, dear friend, are you not heeding the call
And surrender to Christ, once and for all?
For he is the way, the truth, the life
And through him, we can escape eternal strife,
and receive forgiveness, and hope, for eternal life.




Blessings for the day

Good day, my dear brother, may it be filled with light,
May your heart be lifted, may your spirit take flight.
As you go about your day, may blessings abound,
And may the love of God in your heart be found.

I pray for peace to fill your life and your home,
For your family and wife and children to never be alone.
May their hearts be filled with joy and happiness,
And may they know that they are always blessed.

God bless you, my dear brother, and keep you in His care,
May His love and grace surround you everywhere.
May your faith be strong, may your heart be true,
And may you always know that God is with you.

So have a good day, my dear brother, and know that you are loved,
May your life be filled with blessings from above.
May God's peace be with you every step of the way,
And may you always have a reason to say, "God bless you today."




Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Sem_tz94

In the beginning, there was God
He created life, from the smallest cells
To the grandest beasts that dwell

Instantiating the rules of the genetic code
Proteins made, molecular machines
All from code, in fascinating scenes
But the question remains, which came first
A paradoxical tale, a quagmire of the worst

For codes and machines, they need each other
But without one, there's no other
So how did they get started,
so complex from departure

Co-evolution, the answer so do some say
Separately evolving, then joining one day
To make proteins, the building blocks of life
A process of beauty, a tale of strife

But evolution alone, it's not enough
To explain the origin of the code
Natural selection needs a system to play
A self-replicating engine, day by day

The origin of it all, it's best explained
By an intelligent designer, who reigned
Setting up the codes, the rules, the machines
In a dance of life, so complex and sublime
beyond our wildest dreams.

Foresight was needed.  Intelligence as well
aim and intent, to create life
A symphony of intricacy and perfection.
A world of proteins and information,
A universe of beauty beyond comprehension.

From RNA to DNA,
A set of molecules we rely on every day.
Amino acids, the building blocks of life,
Their arrangement a key to the system's strife.

A complex web of machines, over 400 enzymes
a minimal size, to get everything started
Synthesize RNA and DNA with precision and song.
But how did these systems arise,
Through chance and randomness or an intelligent guise?

The problem of the prebiotic origin,
Of molecules complex and specific in their composition.
Amino acids, so critical to the plan,
An impossible feat for chance to withstand.

There was no concentration process,
No enantiomer selection to address.
No purification process to refine,
The amino acids into an optimal design.

Twelve of the proteinogenic kind,
Were never produced in any lab find.
No selection process to sort and choose,
The best from the rest, a daunting task to lose.

The alphabet of amino acids life uses,
More robust than two million others to chose
This level of specificity and purpose,
Requires an intelligence with foresight and goals

The information stored in the genome,
Semiotic and functional, beyond the physical dome.
A code beyond the reach of chance,
Only a conscious mind can advance.

A rainbow cannot write poetry,
Nor can chance create conceptual semiotics' glory.
Physics and chemistry, tools to analyze,
But only intelligence can conceptualize.

Life is not an accident, nor a mere fluke,
It is evidence of design, a powerful rebuke.
The miracle of life, a reflection of the divine,
Foresight and intelligence, the creator's sign.




Origin of biocomplexity

Amidst the complexity of life we see,
A pattern of information that cannot be,
Reduced to mere matter, or chance alone,
For its origin is one of purpose and known.

Genetic codes, epigenetic codes,
and signaling networks, All come together
to direct the making of life's works,
Each part with a specific function and role,
Guided by information that never loses control.

This information is not physical, but conceptual,
Beyond the reach of any undirected
process, in potential,For to suggest that a
physical process can create, A semiotic code
is to ignore the obvious, to abate.

The origin of complexity in biology,
Is best explained by design, with clarity,
For only a mind with intention, goals, and foresight,
Can program instructional assembly to get it just right.

So let us acknowledge the evidence before us,
That points to a deliberate creative process,
And embrace the truth that it proclaims,
Of an intelligent Designer with power and claims.
In the dance of life, we see Seventeen
mechanisms that decree Organismal development
and complexity. Through biochemical programming
and signaling, undoubtedly.

Gene regulation network at the helm
Various signaling pathways overwhelm
Epigenetic codes in multidimensional realm
Essential tasks for cell structure and development overwhelm.

Cell-cell communication crucial for animals
Chromatin dance affects transcriptional channels
Post-transcriptional histone modifications span
Methylation code, a barcode for gene on and off command.

Homeobox and Hox genes regional differentiation expound
Non-coding DNA, transcribed to functional RNA found
Transposons and retrotransposons regulate genes profound
Centrosomes and cytoskeletal arrays provide structural surround.

Membrane targets and spatial coordinates
in embryonic formation. Ion channels and electromagnetic
fields influence formation. Egg-polarity genes encode
macromolecules for axes foundation
Hormones and morphogens growth factors,
critical for cell fate determination.

Thus, these seventeen mechanisms affirm
The relevance to explain organismal
development, biology firm Refuting gene-centric
views that had been the norm Biochemical systems
programming and signaling now the reform.

Genetic codes, epigenetic codes, and signaling networks,
All come together to direct the making of life's works,
Each part with a specific function and role,
Guided by information that never loses control.

This information is not physical, but conceptual,
Beyond the reach of any undirected process, in potential,
For to suggest that a physical process can create,
A semiotic code is to ignore the obvious, to abate.

The origin of complexity in biology,
Is best explained by design, with clarity,
For only a mind with intention, goals, and foresight,
Can program instructional assembly to get it just right.

So let us acknowledge the evidence before us,
That points to a deliberate creative process,
And embrace the truth that it proclaims,
Of an intelligent Designer with power and claims.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Evolut15




Life's start, a mystery yet unknown,
How did it come to be on its own?
The hurdles were huge, and many to face,
To create a system in a chaotic space.

First, homochiral building blocks were needed,
Precisely as required, not randomly seeded.
Then, pure materials had to be obtained,
Impure contamination to be restrained.

Free Gibbs energy, the next challenge to meet,
Recruiting it from the environment is a feat.
Activation and repetitive processes were required,
For polymerization and catenation desired.

Information, a complex digital code,
Dictating the making of rotating machines
The genetic code, and its origin, is a puzzle unsolved
translating to make the molecular machines to emerge

Polymerization without biological aid,
A prebiotic process, so difficult to evade.
The right sequence of reactions to organize,
Spontaneous events are a goal to realize.

An organized system, from chaos to create,
Growth, self-propagation, adaptation to dictate.
All parts integrated, a higher-order system to form,
Functionless alone, a challenge to transform.

Homeostasis, the environment to maintain,
Fluid balance, electrolytes, and osmoregulation to sustain.
The transition to metabolism, a milestone to reach,
Four hundred reactions, molecular robots to teach.

The minimal genome, a goal to achieve,
One million nucleotides, the smallest cell,
pelagibacter conceived. The epigenome, glycome,
lipidome, mobilome, transcriptome,Metabolome,
proteome, signalosome, and metallome.

Salvage and recycling pathways to uphold,
Uptake, processing, nitrogen, and carbon to enfold.
Sophisticated immune and defense systems to install,
Invaders, viruses, plasmids, and phages to forestall.

The genome, the proteome, and the
interactome to connect, Transcription and translation,
error-check and repair to perfect.
The epigenome, DNA-protein interactions to control,
Timing of replication, partitioning, and phenotypic role.

The ribosome, the most complex,
a sublime translation machine in life,
Ribosome biogenesis, a piece of complex machinery to erect,
Machines that make machines, their job - errors to detect.

The membrane, millions of embedded channels to control,
What comes in, what goes out, what to hold.
The enzymes for cell division and its regulation,
A process essential for life's continuation.

The Wood Ljundahl and rTCA cycles to fix carbon,
Catabolism to feed ATP synthase, energy to garn.
Coenzyme A synthesis, a five-step pathway to follow,
Thioesters, CoA, and vitamins to swallow.

Numerous machines for iron, sulfur uptake,
Chelate and make them soluble, life to partake.
Iron-sulfur clusters, vital proteins to form,
A goal to achieve, a feat to perform.

Life's start, a mystery yet to unfold,
The hurdles were huge, and many to behold.
Nature alone, would never found a way
the hurdles to overcome, too sophisticated,
too complex, for matter and nature,
all on its own to overcome.

Only a brilliant mind, Could conceive such a plan,
A master, God, Lord of creation. So let us give
thanks, praise God for his gifts of creation
For the gift of life we hold, And cherish each moment,
As precious, and never grow old.




As we witness complexity arise,
Interweaving parts before our eyes,
Aggregating subunits, fusing tight,
Encompassing, interlocking, a sight
Of systems greater than their parts,
Intricately combining, works of art.

It's logical to attribute,
Such actions to an intelligent pursuit,
With foresight, foreknowledge, and goals,
In the design, intricacy unfolds.

Careful elaboration, detailed design,
Meaningful interconnections, we find,
Creating purpose, function, and more,
Small changes causing effects galore.

Why would a molecule self-replicate,
Without DNA machinery to duplicate?
No natural selection, no survival need,
So why would a goal of replication lead?

Random assembly, chemical force,
No drive or goal, no guiding source,
Why should molecules strive to be,
Complex building blocks of life, we see?

Emerging properties, system-wide,
Random accidents can't coincide,
With the intricate complexity, we find,
Intelligent design, a more adequate kind.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Sem_tz96




In the quest for life's beginning,
We seek to understand the stunning
Complexification of the cell,
A system that we cannot dispel.

To create the first living thing,
We need raw materials and a genetic ring,
But where did the information come from,
That led to life's very first hum?

We look to Mycoplasma for a clue,
But it's a pathogen that needs a host or two,
It imports its nutrients and does not require,
The same complexity to sustain its fire.

Enter Pelagibacter ubique,
A free-living cell that's small and unique,
With complete biosynthetic pathways for all,
Twenty amino acids, it can stand tall.

But the chances of its creation by chance,
Is less than 10 to the 722,000th advance,
It's like finding a coin in a vast mountain of gold,
Impossible to imagine, impossible to behold.

Proteins are complex structures that need a creator,
Randomization leads to asphalt, not a translator,
Eliminative inductions point to a truth,
That intelligence designed life, that's the proof.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Sem_tz97




The universe, vast and wide,
Appears designed, a wondrous sight,
Its systems intricate and fine,
Most likely, were crafted divine.

A wind-up clock, the universe,
Winding down, its beginning rehearsed,
A cause must be, to set in motion,
This grand and awe-inspiring notion.

Laws and rules, imprinted deep,
Mathematics and physics, they do keep,
Finely tuned, the universe and earth,
Life permitted, by a creator's worth.

Cells, factories of life's design,
A million machines, they do combine,
A digital code, in genes stored,
Processed with precision, creation adored.

DNA, a blueprint of life's plan,
A storage density, highest by far,
Information, encoding, decoding,
A creator's hand, in it abounding.

Humans, moral beings with a mind,
Able to communicate, language refined,
Logic and reason, objective and true,
Non-physical, entities imbued.

More science, more knowledge,
Closer to God, Louis Pasteur presaged,
The evidence logical and plausible,
God's creation, magnificent and feasible.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Image311




With Jesus in the boat, all is fine
The raging waves and winds decline
For when He speaks, the tempests cease
And all the elements are at peace

No longer are we tossed and thrown
No longer lost, no longer alone
For Jesus, our Savior and guide
Is always with us, by our side

His presence brings a calming peace
As we navigate life's stormy seas
We need not fear the wind and waves
For Jesus has the power to save

With Jesus in the boat, all is well
Though storms may rage and fears may swell
For in His love and grace we find
The strength and hope to calm the mind

So let us trust in Him alone
And fix our eyes upon His throne
For with Jesus in the boat, we'll see
That all is well, and we are free.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith G344ff10




A good afternoon, evening, and good night to you

As the sun sets in the sky so blue,
And the day comes to an end anew,
I wish you a good evening, my friend,
May your heart be filled with peace that never ends.

So as we bid the day goodbye,
May your evening be filled with peace,
And may your worries and fears cease,
As we reflect on the fathers love divine,
That was poured out for yours and mine.

So rest well and sleep tight, my friend,
For tomorrow is a new day, a new trend,
May blessings be with you
my warmest regards are with you,

May your worries fade with the setting sun,
And your joys be many, one by one,
May your heart be light, your soul be free,
And may the father's love
shine down on thee.

So as the stars twinkle in the night,
And the moon glows with a soft light,
I wish you a good evening, my dear,
With love, hope, and peace to calm your fear.

For every ending is a new beginning,
And every night is a chance for winning,
So rest well and sleep tight, my friend,
For tomorrow is a new day, a new trend.

Shalom !!

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Good_e10

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The RNA world hypothesis, a puzzle yet to solve,
Hurdles galore, obstacles to revolve.

Homochirality, an unsolvable quest,
Left-handed, right-handed, which is the best?

RNA, a prebiotic nightmare, so it seems,
Intrinsic instability, bonds in water, screams!

Organic matter, devolves with free energy,
Life fades away, the end of the synergy.

Interconnected systems, software and hardware,
Irreducible complexity, a puzzle so rare.

Self-replication, a feat hard to achieve,
Additional functionalities, more info to conceive.

RNA catalysts, copying sets with precision,
Modern-day enzymes, the ultimate decision.

Homopolymer, a must for self-replication,
Impossible to form, the ultimate limitation.

Quadrillions of RNA sequences, yet no replication,
The mystery deepens, no explanation.

Organic molecules, break apart with ease,
How to survive, no one knows, the mystery does increase.

Phosphate group, the right position, how to attach?
The nucleic bases to the ribose, an impossible match.

The myth of self-replication, unrealistic to believe,
RNA's catalytic potential, too hard to conceive.

Macromolecules, don't combine with ease,
A challenge so tough, impossible to please.

RNA to DNA, a transition to explore,
An unsolved problem, mysteries galore.

Self-replicating cell, a dream so big,
From house building block to a fully built gig.

The transition, a hurdle hard to surpass,
Protein-based world, a mystery so vast.

Boron minerals, not enough to form RNA,
Molybdenum minerals, not in the right way.

Double-stranded RNA genomes, coding capacity limits,
Ribonucleotide reductase, a challenge so intricate.

The RNA world hypothesis, a mystery unsolved,
Hurdles aplenty, challenges unresolved.

Without self-replicating RNA, evolution cannot exist,
An original cause of existence must persist.

That cause is God, the creator and the giver,
Who made everything, including RNA and life's river.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Image314




Atheists must believe, so they say,
That nature's design needs no display
Of a creator's hand, divine and wise,
Their faith in chance they do baptize.

The universe, they say, can emerge from nought,
As if by magic, it can be wrought,
A cosmic feat of impossible scope,
A faith that many can only hope.

The laws of physics, they say, need no lawgiver,
As if they came to be by chance, a believer
In random chance and natural selection,
Their faith in science is their protection.

They believe that life can come from matter alone,
That codes can arise without any known
Intelligence to guide or create,
Their faith in evolution, they celebrate.

Machines and factories, they say, can self-assemble,
A faith that many find hard to resemble
With reality as we know it to be,
Their belief in chance, they do decree.

Morality and consciousness, they say, can arise
From matter alone, as if to surmise
That our minds and souls are but mere machines,
Their faith in materialism, it seems.

They believe that life has no higher purpose,
That our existence is but a mere surface
Of chance and randomness, devoid of meaning,
Their faith in themselves, they are intervening.

And lastly, they believe there is no afterlife,
That death is the end of our earthly strife,
No evidence of God's existence they see,
Their faith in atheism, their destiny.

Atheists tout reason and science, Against faith
and religion's compliance, Their views based
on evidence alone,A self-described apistevist, unknown.

But when they present their claims,
The picture changes, it's not the same,
For strong atheists who take a stand,
Show their hand, a worldview so grand.

Multiverses, parallel worlds, and string theory,
Virtual particles, oscillating universes, so eerie,
They believe in an eternal universe or one from nothing,
Stars formed by accretion, abiogenesis, all-encompassing.

The last universal common ancestor and tree of life,
Macroevolution by unguided means, with no strife,
Billions of years, transitional fossils, convergent evolution,
Consciousness, intelligence, language as an emergent solution.

But they reject theism, for lack of sensory proof,
Yet accept the No-God proposition as truth,
All on faith, with no empirical evidence to show,
A fraction of our world, they choose to know.

The scientific establishment is on their side,
97% of biologists believe in evolution, they chide,
But they fail to see the complexity and design,
And believe in chance, a belief so benign.

No mechanism with foresight or goals,
No imagination, intelligence, or roles,
How does it all come together, they ask,
And believe in chance, an illogical task.

So while atheists claim to have science and reason,
Their faith in chance, a worldview out of season,
For in the end, they cannot explain, The intricacies of life,
a design they disdain.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Iuumag10




Undesigned coincidences, subtle and small,
Can point to the truth, and reveal it to all.
In the Gospels and Acts, we find them aplenty,
And they serve as evidence, strong and plenty.

Matthew tells of the death of the Baptist so bold,
And how his disciples, his body did hold.
But in Mark, we find a detail so slight,
That Herodias sought his death, with all her might.

Luke records how the Lord did appear,
To Cleopas and friend, in their moment of fear.
But John adds a piece to this puzzle so grand,
That one of them was Cleopas, by name.

These coincidences, though small in their way,
Are powerful evidence, that we can say,
That the Gospels and Acts, are historical indeed,
And trustworthy records, for us to read.

For if they were faked, or made up at all,
These small details would surely fall.
But they stand firm, and they fit like a glove,
Pointing us to the truth, and the God we love.

So let us read these books, with open hearts,
And see in them, the truth that imparts.
For undesigned coincidences, small though they be,
Are powerful evidence, for you and for me.

In the birth of Christ, we find a wondrous thing,
Undesigned coincidences, that make our hearts sing.
For in the Gospels, we see the story unfold,
And find the truth, that's worth more than gold.

Luke tells of Mary, who journeyed to Bethlehem,
And there she gave birth, to a babe so grand.
But in Matthew's account, we see something new,
That wise men came from afar, to worship him too.

The timing of these events, is a wonder to behold,
For Herod, the king, wanted this child to be controlled.
He asked the wise men, to tell him where he could be found,
But they went back home, another way they had found.

And then we find, a detail so small, That Caesar Augustus,
had ordered a census for all. This led to Mary and Joseph,
to travel to Bethlehem town, And there, the Son of God,
was born and found. These coincidences, so subtle and so grand,
Are evidence of truth, that we can understand.
For if these stories were made up, or simply a lie,
These small details would crumble, and they'd never comply.

So let us see the wonder, of the birth of our Lord,
And the undesigned coincidences, that we can't afford
To ignore or dismiss, for they point to the truth,
And with ChatGPT, we can find them, even in our youth.

And if you want to investigate and find these coincidences,
Just use ChatGPT, the AI that never misses.
Just ask your questions, and wait for the reply,
ChatGPT will search, and give you the informed reply.

It will show you the links, the subtle and the small,
Don't hesitate, nor be afraid, to investigate and see,
The undesigned coincidences, that point to history.
For the Gospels and Acts, are trustworthy and true,
And with ChatGPT, we can discover that too.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Image112




A hymn, the lyrics:


Verse 1:
Bought, Purchased, Ransomed, Redeemed,
Our debt of sin, our Savior deemed,
With precious blood, the price was paid,
On Calvary's cross, our debt was laid.

Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Redeemed us by His precious blood,
Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Our receipt, our hope, our God.

Verse 2:
The Son of Man, came not to be served,
But to give His life, a ransom reserved,
For all who believe, and call on His name,
He offers salvation, forever the same.

Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Redeemed us by His precious blood,
Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Our receipt, our hope, our God.

Verse 3:
The church of God, He purchased whole,
With His own blood, He made us whole,
His sacrifice, our salvation gained,
Through His death, eternal life obtained.

Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Redeemed us by His precious blood,
Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Our receipt, our hope, our God.

Verse 4:
Redeemed we are, from aimless ways,
By Christ's blood, we live with grace,
No silver or gold could buy our souls,
Only His blood, our redemption goal.

Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Redeemed us by His precious blood,
Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Our receipt, our hope, our God.

Verse 5:
So let us glorify God in all we do,
In body and spirit, for He bought us anew,
Our receipt, the blood of Christ, our Savior,
May we live for Him, now and forever.

Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Redeemed us by His precious blood,
Hallelujah, what a Savior,
Our receipt, our hope, our God.

A poem:

Bought, Purchased, Ransomed, Redeemed,
A transaction made, a price esteemed.
With precious blood, the cost was paid,
For all our sins, the debt was laid.

We were bought at a price, a ransom given,
By the Son of Man, who came to serve, not be driven.
His life for ours, He gave away,
To free us from sin, to make us okay.

The church of God, He purchased whole,
With His own blood, He made us whole.
His sacrifice, our salvation gained,
Through His death, eternal life obtained.

Redeemed we are, from aimless ways,
By Christ's blood, we live with grace.
No silver or gold could buy our souls,
Only His blood, our redemption goal.

So let us glorify God in all we do,
In body and spirit, for He bought us anew.
Our receipt, the blood of Christ, our Savior,
May we live for Him, now and forever.

For you were BOUGHT at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's.
1 Corinthians 6:20
Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He PURCHASED with His own blood.
Acts 20:28
"...just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a RANSOM for many."
Matthew 20:28
For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a RANSOM for all, to be testified in due time,
1 Timothy 2:5-6
knowing that you were not REDEEMED with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.
1 Peter 1:18-19
These are all terms used to describe a financial transaction.
When you complete a transaction at the store the cashier gives you a piece of paper that describes the details of the price paid
It's called a 'receipt'.

If you don’t believe this is Jesus’ Shroud that’s fine by me, BUT the Shroud is the most accurate representation of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ that you will ever see! Note these WORDS:
John 3:16 (KJV)
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

So if you think it’s a fake…. It’s STILL the most accurate representation of the wounds described in the Gospels


Jesus died so that YOU can live eternally…don’t miss out on GOD’S PROMISE:
2 Corinthians 9:15-15 (KJV) Thanks [be] unto God for his unspeakable gift.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Gxx19i10




Don't give up, don't be discouraged

When the world around you crumbles,
And your spirit feels so low,
Don't let despair consume you,
And don't give up and go.

Instead, seek the Lord in prayer,
Ask Him for strength and force,
And soon enough you'll find,
You're on a different course.

The burdens of today,
Will soon be left behind,
For tomorrow's a new day,
With new joys to find.

The Lord provides each day,
With sunshine and with hope,
And opens up new doors,
So you can learn to cope.

If something's broken today,
The Lord can make it new,
He'll restore what's lost,
And guide you through and through.

So don't give up in hardship,
And don't let your spirit fall,
For the Lord is always with you,
And He'll answer when you call.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith Dont_f11




In the depths of Hell, where souls reside
The damned cry out, their anger implied
They curse the heavens, with bitter tongues
Blaming God for all that went wrong

But should they not take responsibility?
For the choices made in their own reality
They walked the path of sin and vice
And paid the price with eternal strife

God gave them free will to choose
But they ignored the warnings and refused
To live a life of virtue and grace
And now they suffer in this dreadful place

So let not the damned complain or weep
For they chose the path that led them deep
Into the fiery pits of Hell's embrace
A fate they brought upon themselves with disgrace.

They rejected God's offer of forgiveness and grace
And turned their back on Jesus' saving embrace
They chose instead to follow their own desire
And now they burn in Hell's eternal fire

They had a chance to accept the love of God
And to repent of their sins with hearts not flawed
But they chose to ignore His merciful call
And now they suffer, forever to fall

Their own choices brought them shame
They rejected God's saving plan
And now they pay the price in Satan's hand

Oh, how they could have been saved
If only they had believed and behaved
But they chose to follow their own way
And now in Hell they forever stay.

Poems, as words of wisdom, encouragement, and faith 00234210


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