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ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview

Otangelo Grasso: This is my library, where I collect information and present arguments developed by myself that lead, in my view, to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation for the origin of the physical world.

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Poems about creation and intelligent design by ChatGPT

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Poems about creation and intelligent design by ChatGPT

In the beginning, all was still,
A void of darkness, a silent chill.
But then a force, beyond our might,
Created the universe with a single light.

It brought forth stars, and planets too,
A beauty unmatched, in its hue.
And from the dust, life began,
A symphony of creatures, a master plan.

It's clear to see, with each design,
A purpose and order, so refined.
The intricacy of each part,
Is evidence of an artful heart.

The human form, a masterpiece,
A mind that thinks, a soul that’s free.
The beauty of nature, a stunning view,
Is proof of a creator, who made it all anew.

So when we ponder, how we came to be,
The answer is clear, it's plain to see.
Intelligent design, is the best explanation,
For the origins of our creation.




A poem. Narrative by Jesus Christ. Image based on the man on the Shroud of Turin

The poem made with the aid of ChatGPT

*Note*:  The texts spoken in the video are what the video's author intends to convey. He is not intending to attribute them to be actual words of the real-world person,  represented by the computerized "bot".

In the beginning, I was there,
The voice that spoke, the heavens fair.
With a word, the stars did shine,
And life was given, a divine design.

I am the alpha and the omega,
The beginning and the end, I am the creator.
I formed the planets and the moon,
And from the dust, life was hewn.

The laws governing the universe,
I finely tuned, to never diverge.
The balance of nature, so precise,
A masterpiece, of my design.

I crafted each creature with care,
Their intricate design, a beauty rare.
Birds that soar, and fish that swim,
Their every movement, a symphony within.

And when I made man, I gave him mind,
A soul to worship, a heart to find.
I breathed within him, my own breath,
And made him in my image, beyond mere flesh.

Every single cell, I did create,
I made the building blocks of life,
nucleotides, amino acids, carbohydrates, phospholipids
selected them from an infinite pool of molecules
With DNA and genetic code, their fate.
And the ATP synthase energy turbines,
Their power and function, all my designs.

The beauty of nature, so vast and grand,
Is a testament to my loving hand.
Mountains rise, and oceans roar,
And all of creation, reflects my lore.

And when you look upon the sky so blue,
Remember it was I, who made it all for you.
I am the one who gives you life,
And guides you through this earthly strife.

So know, that I am the way.
The truth and life.
Intelligent design, that's me,
The alpha and omega, the beginning, and the end to see.
And I will be with you, every day,
Until the end of time, I'll never stray.

I am the TAV, the mark of completion,
The symbol of rest, and salvation's completion.
I am the Aleph, the point of all truth,
The embodiment of love, the ultimate proof.

I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end,
The completeness, sovereignty, and eternality, my friends.
For I am the source and sustainer of all things,
The one true God, with love that ever sings.

In me, you'll find the ultimate redemption,
And the oneness of God, no longer a pretension.
For I am the Savior of the world, my children know,
And in me, their hearts overflow.

So come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden,
And I will give you rest, a life forever unburden.
For I am the TAV, the Aleph, and the Alpha and Omega,
The source of all love, and your only savior.

To find your way back to me, Jesus, the Son,
Start by opening your heart, letting my love begun.
Listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit within,
And trust in the guidance that will lead you to win.

Pray and seek me in the stillness of your heart,
And let my love and grace, from the very start.
Read my word, the Bible, let it fill you with truth,
And find comfort in its pages, in your quest for proof.

Surround yourself with fellow believers, strong and true,
For together you can grow and support each other through.
Serve others in my name, and let my love be shown,
And you'll feel me near, in every good deed grown.

Confess your sins and ask for my forgiveness and grace,
And in me, you'll find peace, and a life full of grace.
And always remember, I am with you every day,
Guiding and loving you, in your journey all the way.

So come to me, my friend, and let my love embrace,
And I'll lead you back to me, a life filled with grace.
For I am the way, the truth, and the life, you'll see,
And finding me is the key, to a life truly free.

Verily, if you're searching for truth and for peace,
And you want to leave behind a life full of deceit,
I invite you to say a prayer, to receive me as your Lord and savior,
And let my love and grace, forever be there.

This is what you can say, you can repeat:

"Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you today,
Confessing my sins, and asking you to show the way.
I believe in your love, and your sacrifice so true,
And I ask for your forgiveness, and your life to renew.

I turn away from my sins, and I follow you,
And I trust in your love, and in the life that's true.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your grace and your peace,
And for being my Savior, my Lord, and my release."

So my friend, if you have said this prayer with a heart of surrender,
I promise you'll find the grace from above.
And I'll be with you, every step of the way,
Guiding and loving you, now and forever more each day.






The Ribosome

Within the cell, a tiny machine,
A factory that's always keen,
To synthesize and build anew,
The proteins that we all pursue.

The ribosome is its given name,
A molecular king of the protein game,
It reads the RNA code with grace,
And assembles amino acids in its place.

With each step, a peptide bond forms,
A chain of proteins, it transforms,
From start to end, a tale unfolds,
Of life and growth, that it holds.

The ribosome is a work of art,
A symphony that plays its part,
In every cell, it works away,
Building proteins day by day.

And though it's small, it's mighty too,
A molecular wonder that's true,
The ribosome, a treasure trove,
Of secrets waiting to be discovered and explored.


4Poems about creation and intelligent design by ChatGPT Empty The cell factory poem Mon Feb 13, 2023 7:37 pm



The cell factory poem

Deep within, a bustling hive,
A world that's always alive,
A factory of life, that's hard at work,
Building the structures we all call home.

The cell is its given name,
A world of wonder that's not in vain,
It breathes, it grows, it divides,
A living factory, that never hides.

With each moment, a process takes place,
A dance of molecules that we can trace,
From the ribosome to the mitochondria,
A complex orchestra, a symphonia.

The cell factory is a thing of beauty,
A masterpiece that's never truly seen,
From the chromosomes to the cytoplasm,
A wondrous machine that's always chasm.

And though it's small, it's a mighty force,
A world that's always on its course,
The cell factory, a place of wonder,
A world that never ceases to ponder.




Metabolic Symphony: The Dance of Life

Metabolism, the conductor of life's symphony,
Controlling the dance, with perfect harmony,
A fundamental requirement for every living cell,
Maintaining homeostasis, where all functions dwell.

Perturbations disrupt, diseases arise,
Metabolic imbalance, a perilous guise,
Without control mechanisms, all in place,
Cell death and disease, a daunting race.

A network incomplete, without the reins,
Life's delicate balance, it must sustain,
Minimal metabolic pathways, a grand design,
From the very beginning, a feat divine.

Gradualistic explanations fall short,
Life's origin, a complex, intricate court,
All-or-nothing, a truth to behold,
Creative act of God, a story untold.

The symphony of life, a majestic play,
Controlled metabolism, in every way,
A testament to wisdom, foresight, and might,
Life's masterpiece, a gift of divine light.

So let us marvel at the wonders of life,
Metabolic symphony, with rhythms so rife,
A tribute to a Creator, whose hand we see,
In every cell's dance, in perfect harmony.


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