ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview
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ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview

Otangelo Grasso: This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, biodiversity

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You need all these things to get to man

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You need all these things to get to man

First, the universe had to come into existence:
An eternal universe is not possible. A universe from nothing is not possible. Eliminative inductions lead to an eternal God which instantiated the physical universe

What comes first, mind or matter?

The cosmological argument for Gods existence

The universe operates based on the laws of physics. They are mathematical rules, imposed on the matter. There is no reason it to be so unless a mathematician instantiated them. The laws were imprinted on the universe at the moment of creation, i.e. at the big bang, and have since remained fixed in both space and time. If the universe were not orderly, and based on mathematical laws, it would be pure chaos, and not intelligible. ​No universe at all could/would exist.

Laws of Physics, fine-tuned for a life-permitting universe

The Universe is wired in such a way that life in it is possible. That includes the fine-tuning of the Laws of physics, the physical constants, the initial conditions of the universe, the Big Bang, the cosmological constant, the subatomic particles, atoms, the force of gravity, Carbon nucleosynthesis, the basis of all life on earth, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Solar System, the sun, the earth, the moon, water, the electromagnetic spectrum, biochemistry. What could have caused the Universe to wind up this way?

Fine-tuning of the universe

Many unbridgeable hurdles reveal barriers or discontinuities between life and nonlife, as well as between different life-forms on Earth, a problem that cannot be solved unless God is inferred.
No factory has ever built itself, replicated itself, programmed itself, or been able to produce its energy on its own. A cell is not only similar to a factory but IS a factory by all means.

Abiogenesis is mathematically impossible

The factory maker argument

Instructional complex information encoded in 33 genetic, and 45 epigenetic codes, and signaling networks on a structural level in an integrated interlocked fashion explain organismal architecture.

Where Do Complex Organisms Come From?

Why Darwins theory of evolution does not explain biodiversity

Human origins: Created, or evolved?


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