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ElShamah Ministries: Defending the Christian Worldview and Creationism

Otangelo Grasso: This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, and biodiversity

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Dawkins : Why there is no God

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1Dawkins : Why there is no God Empty Dawkins : Why there is no God Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:04 am



Dawkins : Why there is no God


what are the five best reasons why there is no God what are the five reasons why there are no fairies the onus is not upon an atheist to say why there is not something the onus is on a theist to say why there is

125 reasons to believe in God

having said that it is a very interesting question because the universe whither God would be a very different kind of universe than one without so the most important reason is there simply are no reasons for the existence of a god

Reply: Without God, there would be no universe, in the first place

The cosmological argument for Gods existence

Laws of Physics, where did they come from?

Fine tuning of the Universe

so the reasons against there must have been kick off on your fingers one by one the alleged reasons why there should be a god such as the argument from design things look so beautifully designed bananas and apples and things like that and humans and kangaroos and so on and they look as though they've been designed because that's what Darwinian natural selection does it makes them look as though they're designed it produces a very good simulacrum of design i think that's the most important reason against that darwin has exploded once and for all the argument from design

Reply: No, he has not:

Abiogenesis is mathematically  impossible


A Positive, Testable Case for Intelligent Design

Other reasons that have been offered for example people claim to have a subjective experience a personal experience of God well we all know how easily people are fooled we all know how easily people hallucinate are they easily they imagine how easily they dream so that's an extremely poor argument in favor of the existence of a god

I disagree. It's a POWERFUL argument for Gods existence:

Man rises and tells that he saw the glory of God

what other arguments are there the argument from first cause well that shoots itself in the foot because if you're going to postulate a God as a first cause you've then got a really big problem explaining where the God came from

Reply: That's not a problem at all, Richard. Are you really so philosophically shallow? You never investigated this? Do you have internet at home? Do you know how to use google? Are you aware, that the answer is centuries old? Ever heard the first cause argument of Aquinas?

Who or what created God?

the whole point of the Darwinian enterprises that it explains how you can get complexity in the illusion of design from primordial simplicity so the argument from first course roots itself in the foot Pascal's wager you feel better off betting that there is a God because if you lose the bet then you go to hell that's a silly argument because it depends on it assumes that you know which God it is for a start if you bet on Yahweh it turns out to be Bale or Thor then then you're in trouble what else in any case even if it was Yahweh you might well say that Yahweh rather have somebody honest who thinks for himself rather than somebody who's laboriously pretends to believe something so there are new good arguments in favor of a god and that's all that needs to say

Reply: Yep, we have good answers to the question which God best fits the bill, too. Keep up, Richart, you are well behind, and i have no idea, why someone should take you, and your worldview, serious. But, maybe you know all the answers to those questions coming from the theist camp, but your bias makes you ignore them, and you rather prefer to stick to your fairytale worldview, because you like it more for some reason?

A cumulative case for the God of the Bible


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Otangelo Grasso abiogenesis is not supportet

​Otangelo Grasso and neither common ancestry

Otangelo Grasso and neither macroevolution of first-degree speciation

Kristin: Stop posting claims you can't back up @Otangelo Grasso

Otangelo Grasso ​i can

Aron claimed that the fossil record supports evolution, to which i replied:
Otangelo Grasso ​not obvious. The fossil record does not support it.

I switched to my second account with my name:
Bestname Ever ​Switching accounts isn't going to help you, Otangelo.

Bestname Ever Ok, now you're banned instead.

Bestname EverHe should never be on anybody's show. Not only does he never listen, but he's admitted that nothing can ever change his mind @Wes Sturdevant It's pointless.


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