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ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview

Otangelo Grasso: This is my library, where I collect information and present arguments developed by myself that lead, in my view, to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation for the origin of the physical world.

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Packaging points to intelligent design

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Packaging points to intelligent design

I remember, back in the nineties, I visited El Nido in Palawan. Back then a very calm place. Today, flooded by tourists.  One of the most spectacular places on the planet.  There I met a German traveller, and his profession was a packaging engineer, dealing with packaging technology and packaging science. If I remember right, he was working for Tetra Pak, a multinational food packaging and processing company. We came to talk about God & the world, and this was one of the first opportunities that I remember where I used intelligent design as an argument pointing to God, where I demonstrated that the packaging design in nature is far more advanced than anything invented by man.

Packaging is essential starting in the molecular world, to the Skin of animals and humans. From exosomes, to transport vesicles protecting proteins while they are transported from one compartment to another, to the Cell membrane, to peels and skins of fruits and vegetables, to the skin of animals.

One of the foremost known apologists using the argument is the Banana man, ( not Bananaman which is a fictional character appearing in British comic book ) but Ray Comfort, which received the name by Richard Dawkins, humiliating him with that nickname, but that remarkably allowed millions to hear the message of the gospel. Rays claim was that the five-sided, flip-top [sic] banana shows the work of a higher power, who wanted to facilitate the sliding of this gorgeous fruit from hand to gaping mouth.

Packaging is a huge industry in the human world, and essential in the molecular world.  

for example, are shown to carry cell-specific cargos of proteins, lipids, and genetic materials, and can be selectively taken up by neighbouring or distant cells far from their release, reprogramming the recipient cells upon their bioactive compounds.  6

Transport by vesicles:
THE accurate and efficient delivery of proteins to specific intracellular organelles is essential to establish and maintain the functional integrity of these compartments. Proteins destined for the mammalian lysosome or the yeast vacuole are transported through the early stages of the secretory pathway from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi complex 6 When proteins are made on the rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER), they get loaded into the Golgi apparatus. They are then sorted, modified and packaged in vesicles made from the budding-off of the Golgi membrane and discharged. 7

Cell Membranes
are a biological membrane that separates the interior of all cells from the outside environment (the extracellular space) which protects the cell from its environment. They are life essential.

Cell Membranes origins through natural mechanisms, or design ?

I remember that I mentioned at my meeting with the german tourist an orange and apple peel.

For example, beneath the orange’s hard protective outer skin lies a white spongy layer that contains small pockets of oil.  God designed oranges with the tantalizing ability to explode a burst of aroma whenever someone peels them. 5 When someone peels the fruit, or squeezes it hard enough, the spongy layer designed to absorb impact compresses, causing the reservoirs of aromatic oil to burst through pores in the rind and propel jets of oil into the air at speeds up to 45 mph. Over a distance of 1 millimeter, these powerful little streams achieve G-Force accelerations equivalent to about 1,000 times that which astronauts experience at launch.  This discovery will inspire the development of new, less costly airborne medications like asthma inhalers or materials that can send a visual warning when they reach maximum stress, such as in bending or twisting.

The apple peel plays a crucial role in protecting and preserving apple life, as well as in reducing fruit injury. 1 In controlled temperatures and low humidity, apples can be stored for up to ten months before being consumed. 4 Without its skin, it would deteriorate in days.

Apples serve as a nutrition source for animals, and us. People who eat five or more apples each week have better lung function thanks to quercetin's effects 2 The antioxidant seems to fight off tissue damage in the brain linked to Alzheimer's disease and other degenerative problems. The peel is also home to ursolic acid, an important compound in the obesity-fighting ability of apples. Ursolic acid seems to increase muscle and brown fat, which in turn up calorie burn, thereby lowering obesity risk. Apple peel is a rich source of mostly all types of vitamins. 3 Apple peel is equally good in minerals. It is highly rich in calcium and phosphorous. In addition, there is an adequate amount of zinc, sodium, and magnesium present in the apple peel. Apple peels are greatest source of natural antioxidants.  The antioxidants act as a protector from the impurities, free radicals, and destructive molecules. Apple peel efficiently reduces the risk of liver, breast, and colon cancer.

The skin - marvel of intelligent design

In what single place can you find the following things: 19 million cells, 625 sweat glands, 90 oil glands, 65 hairs, 19 feet of blood vessels, and 19,000 sensory cells? The answer: in one square inch of human skin! The human skin is considered the largest organ in the body (about 16% of your body weight), and covers an area of 20 square feet. The skin has many different protective and metabolic functions that help keep your body stabilized.

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