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ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview

Otangelo Grasso: This is my library, where I collect information and present arguments developed by myself that lead, in my view, to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation for the origin of the physical world.

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Some of the most ridiculous arguments,atheists frequently make:

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Some of the most ridiculous arguments,atheists frequently make:


Some of the most ridiculous arguments,atheists frequently make: Maxres10

1. Something can come from nothing
2. God is an imaginary friend
3. Free will does not exist
4. Argument from ignorance
5. Argument from incredulity
6. You are refusing to learn
7. Your faith is blind
8. You don't understand how science works
9. Evolution disproves god
10. You don't understand how evolution works!
11. Jesus never existed
12. Lawrence Krauss said nothing is something. Therefore, it's something.
13. We are born atheists
14. The God of the Bible is evil
15. The bible was written thousands of years ago by bronze age goat herders
16. God is not all-powerful if there is something He cannot do.
17. Educate a child about the bible is child abuse
18. There is a battle of science against religion
19. Now stop worrying, and enjoy your life
20. Atheists do not commit terrorist attacks. Religious fanatics do
21. Hitler was a Christian.
22. Jesus married Maria Magdalena
23. Jesus never died
24. Too stupid to understand science ? try religion
25. 95% of scientists are atheists
26. There would be fewer wars without religion
27. If God created the universe, who created God?
28. God is a bad designer
29. Believing in God is the same as believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
30. There is no evidence for God
31. Prove God exists!
32. Theists have the burden of proof
33. Atheism is just a lack of belief in God (then why argue with theists ?)
34. When you can show me, God, i will believe
35. Believers are gullible, since they believe in fairy tale stories
36. The flood never happened
37. Where did Cain get his wife from?
38. brains can give rise to consciousness
39. We (atheists) make no claims. So we have no burden of proof
40. We don't fear death
41. Atheists can be good without God
42. We're all atheists with respect to other gods like Zeus and Thor, we just go one god further than you
43. If you were born in India, you were a Hindu. If born in Thailand, a Buddhist. In Iran, a Muslim. You happen to be born in England, therefore you are Christian.
44. The existence of evil disproves god
45. History is full of mother-child messiah cults, trinity godheads, and the like.
46. Evolution has answered the question of where we came from
47. You are an idiot! ( as if that would prove his worldview ! )
48. I don't know how life and the universe came into being.
49. IDiots
50. Your problem is rather that you do not understand.
51. The multiverse explains the fine-tuning of the universe
52. What kind of god would inflict so many diseases and illnesses on humanity? Influenza, various cancers, AIDS.? Maybe god is just a sadistic bastard who likes to inflict mass misery.
53. We already know you don't know how science works.
54. I don't feed xian trolls
55. We 'reject' god for the same reasons we reject unicorns, Allah, fairies, ghosts and alien abduction. (etc)
56. I don't know how the universe began, but that doesn't mean a god created it.
57. I suggest you learn more about how science works.
58. Take a few science courses.
59. Nothing is impossible given enough space and time. All these people who claim to know what is impossible over several billion years have little intelligence, in my opinion.
60. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it not true
61. Something from nothing is easily explained. There are many peer reviewed studies on the subject
62. Question: If God is fiction, what would you like to replace him with ? Answer: Evolution through billions of years of natural selection. Please read any book by award winning author RICHARD DAWKINS. I think you will enjoy his excellent books!
63. God is an imaginary entity that theists cannot positively validate as real.
64. The eye is perfectly designed says the man wearing glasses!"
65. We already know that you can copy things easily, but can you think for yourself ?
66. Or my favourite quote : So I'm going to give you a condensed version of an Intelligent Design creationist lecture. It'll be very entertaining:
"Complexity, complexity, complexity complexity. Oh look, there's a pathway — it's very complicated. Complexity! Complexity, complexity complexity — complexity. And did you know that cells are really, really complicated? But we're not done — complexity! Complexity (complexity complexity). And you're gonna be blown away by the bacterial flagellum — it's like a little machine! And it's really, really complicated! Complexity-complexity complexity. Complexity. We need more cells, they're really complicated. You just get blown away by these things, they are just so amazingly complicated. Complexity. Therefore; design."

Some of the most ridiculous arguments,atheists frequently make: Taste_21

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Jennifer Dusenbury Shall I help

1. I've never seen this claim, however I have seen "we don't know how the universe came about at this time". Which is a more reasonable position to take than "magic" or a deity (who, what appeared from nothing) did it. Adding voodoo changes nothing but at least scientist are trying to find out.

2. There are various viewpoints on free will and how objectively free it is. Some are religious and some not. It's not a particularly atheist or religious thing. Free will is really more a philosophical point.

3. Creationists (intelligent design class) would differ with you, some think evolution proves a creator. It's virtually impossible to disprove a negative.

4. You don't. Neither do the intelligent designers.

5. There is no proof he did and a reasonable amount of evidence that he didn't, most importantly being no contemporary records. Secondly that the events in the later accounts (such as the New Testament) are not documented by verifiable records of the time as having happened or, if they did having happened within the time of jesus. Sometimes decades or more off.

6. Who is Krause?

7. If we aren't born with no belief, what are we born with? We aren't born with language either. Where does belief come from, exactly? We are born trusting our elders, particularly caregivers, how does that play into belief?

8. Define evil. To my definition (genocide, murder, slavery, sexually abusing a child, mentally and physically abusing a child, rape, animal sacrifice, keeping slaves-particularly but not exclusively sex slaves, torture, all sanctioned behaviours by the god of the bible and affirmed by jesus) are evil. Correct me where I am wrong.

9. I'm sure there were other professions than goat herding. Doesn't change the ot authorship.

10. Well, can he create a rock he can't lift? When was the last person you saw with all faith, etc. grow back a severed limb? But back to the point, all powerful up to a paradox.

11. It depends on what you teach. About the bible isn't child abuse. To believe the bible is. Refer back to 8 but throw in the threat of torture forever to someone who can't really say for sure if animals can talk or bugs bunny is out there somewhere.

12. There isn't. Someone really needs to break it to the gullible that science is provable (it's even proven some bible myths were based on real occurrences, and some Greek, and some North American indigenous).

13. Damn right but don't hurt someone else's enjoyment unless it hurts you or another.

14. To what are you referring exactly? Please don't say the parking squabble. It's not that atheists don't commit crime we just account for far less than Christians and other religious groups proportional to our representation in society.

15. Well, if the shoe fits. Good people do good. Bad people do bad. To make a good person do bad it takes religion. A bit of a simplification.

16. Hitler was. Read his speeches, read his work.

17. Jesus likely didn't exist but he would've been a very odd Jewish man of standing of the time to not have married.

18. To die you have to have lived.

19. More or less. The number is pretty accurate for scientists doing actual work that is recognized as being valid by peers.

20. War is a complicated subject and I would agree that religion is not the only causal factor in most, if not all wars. However, referring back to 15, and to the rhetoric of most wars, religion (and other ideologies like nationalism) plays a large role in recruitment and in carrying on armed conflict.

21. Good question, care to answer? I've never once heard an answer to that one. Nicely hidden in the middle btw.

22. I think Monty Python answered that best with "All Things Dull and Ugly". If this creator of all created sunrises it also created skin cancer. And appendixes and vestigial tails.

23. It rather is but we outgrow the first two and the third was made up to make a point (mostly that we should also outgrow the object of the sentence). It must be said that people only kill or die or make laws against others for one of these deities. That's always been a point of confusion for me, why so many believers in an all powerful deity need to take it on their weak and puny hands to mete out punishment. Like an all powerful deity can't do it them-self, if it existed.

24. Please show the class.

25. If you make the claim you do have the burden of proof. That is how it works.

26. Atheism does literally mean a lack of belief in god/s. we also don't believe in Hera or Loki or Osiris but believers in those aren't trying to pass laws over the rest of us or mooching off the public system by not paying taxes or bilking people who are suffering. Although, yes, some of us do just like pointing out ridiculousness.

27. Yes, although I would think a deity would show itself. I still wouldn't worship the genocidal tyrant depicted in the bible. My protest would count for nothing, I'm sure but I'd still have something that abomination of imagination never had, empathy (and self-respect.

28. Gullible isn't the word. Indoctrinated is a better term, either as a very young child or at a point of incredible weakness. It isn't your fault and please, read your bible cover to cover with a thoughtful eye. Stomach churning and full of inconsistencies which prove it is not the word of one author, never mind the infallible and eternal word of a creator.

29. Floods have happened. "The flood" wasn't noticed by any of the existing civilizations and has no record (and we have dug back to before mammals evolved) of having happened. When did this thing take place and where did the water come from or go? A catastrophic flood did kill many but it was localized to the writer of the Noah story or a descendent.

30. It was Eve, his mother, right? Add incest to 8, but they didn't know better then, right? Even being so knowledgeable. Or do you have another answer?

31. We still don't understand the phenomenon. So, magic or voodoo or whatever like number 1. It is so nice that answer keeps getting pushed back as knowledge and understanding is discovered.

32. What claims do atheists make? Same question as 25. You make a claim it is your job to prove it.

33. Check the booking and conviction stats for violent crime. And financial crime. Check the crime rates in secular/atheist countries vs highly religious ones. Check the social programs. It's kind of hard for most of us to be jerks when you realize this is all we've got, all anyone has.

34. You worship Zeus? And Thor? If they exist (as millions truly believed) there must be some epic fireworks shows!!

35. So, who are you saying is wrong in this and the last question and how do you know you are right?

36. No, if god exists and if his works of literature are any indication, god created and is the embodiment of evil (see Cool.

37. Yes, your point being?

38. No, evolution hasn't nor has it tried to. Evolution talks about how we got to where we are and has explores the origin of life but the start is still a mystery and several scientific fields are working on figuring it out. Voodoo still isn't the answer.




I didn't know Bob Dutko before. But the guy is brilliant, and his debate is fun to listen at. He has a daily radio show:


He literally destroys AronRas arguments.

Bob Dutko: how did the universe come to be? From an atheistic viewpoint, either
1. The universe came from nothing, or
2. The universe exists without a beginning, aka, eternally.

AronRa's answer?

the details or the data that we see is
accurate then we have an Origin of
universe that seems to match a Cartesian
coordinate system wherein have at time
represented by an asymptote where one
second equals infinity zero in this
interpretation since time begins with
the Big Bang what you would have is
simultaneously an origin and an eternity
in one but do you put it another way I

I actually held and
explained to that both are
simultaneously true okay and while we
may not know that how both happened or
how either happened what you're saying
is that when we come to anything that we
don't understand you're going back to my
first point you make assumption that it
was something equivalent of a genie





PZ Myers.

Irreducible Complexity -or- "I'm too poorly educated to understand; therefore God"....
"Complexity, complexity, complexity complexity. Oh look, there's a pathway — it's very complicated. Complexity! Complexity, complexity complexity — complexity. And did you know that cells are really, really complicated? But we're not done — complexity! Complexity (complexity complexity). And you're gonna be blown away by the bacterial flagellum — it's like a little machine! And it's really, really complicated! Complexity-complexity complexity. Complexity. We need more cells, they're really complicated. You just get blown away by these things, they are just so amazingly complicated. Complexity. Therefore; design."


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