Defending the Christian Worlview, Creationism, and Intelligent Design
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Defending the Christian Worlview, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, and biodiversity

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Defending the Christian Worlview, Creationism, and Intelligent Design » Bible / Christian faith / Apologetics » The Bible God: Cruel, Savage, Deranged, Evil, Barbaric, Intolerant, Insanely Jealous, Vengeful and Bloodthirsty?

The Bible God: Cruel, Savage, Deranged, Evil, Barbaric, Intolerant, Insanely Jealous, Vengeful and Bloodthirsty?

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The Bible God: Cruel, Savage, Deranged, Evil, Barbaric, Intolerant, Insanely Jealous, Vengeful and Bloodthirsty?

Once you grant the "God concept" in the quote-unquote "bible" or Tanakh it actually becomes impossible philosophically to "criticize" the Creator.

The reason is that critical thinking will/should lead you to this conclusion IF you understand the Creator as being the Owner of the universe and the "Standard-Setter" for all good in the universe. Saying God is good, therefore, is like saying God is God when good is defined/identified as being consistent with the Will and Nature of such Creator and Owner of the universe.

There are clearly many horrendous events which happen in the Old Testament... the question is, "does one understand these things in context?" "and does one understand these things in relation to the sinfulness and state of humankind's position before the Creator?"

This is the real key. If you don't understand humankind as being under judgment then you would never understand how God is fully justified by killing us all at any moment...and how this would NEVER be murder in any shape or form.

Understanding these things systematically are key. If you understand that God can order the annihilation of any group of people and have it be part of His logical and just judgment then you might also understand how when through the natural order (tsunamis, etc) that God is fully justified at sustaining such natural laws and their consequences as well.

Putting slavery in its proper context is equally important. Understanding what appears to be rape in its context is also important to fully explain. Understanding a soldier discussing the end of a battle and what method the solder's used to kill the babies of their enemies (and how this signified the end of the battle and their descendants would not rise up against them in battle again) is also important to put these things in context.

Sparing virgins so that they could be married was seen as a type of mercy from one point of view, but in today's society, we would never think this way because we do not live in the brutal culture that existed over seven centuries before Christ.

You have to understand things in context. Child sacrifice was never condoned, yet those who read an English bible wrongfully think that was.

All of these many difficulties place the OT in poor light but they still need to be understood within the context of their culture and within the context of their setting or their Sitz im Leben.

Atheists attempt to show how the Hebrew God is evil and the other side is trying to show that the Hebrew God doesn't approve of a lot that is recorded... and what this Hebrew God "does" is fully justified because humankind is judged already and God is the Holy Perfect God and humans are the real little monsters.

Ultimately, this quest is related to they logically should.

the Creator is fully justified in having this world inhabited by "little monsters" who need to be adopted and changed into holy children who can fellowship with this Creator.

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Plantinga: Warranted Christian belief, page 380:

Can I be mature, both intellectually and spiritually, be aware of the enormous and impressive amounts and depths of suffering and evil in our world, be aware also of the best atheological arguments starting from the facts of evil, and still be such that Christian belief is rational and warranted for me?

For any serious Christian with a little epistemology, the facts of evil, appalling as they are, offer no obstacle to warranted Christian belief. Atheists argue that the existence of God is logically incompatible with the existence of
evil; they conclude that since the theist is committed to both, theistic belief is clearly irrational. An important line of thought in the demise of the traditional claim of contradiction has involved the notion of free will: although it is logically possible that there be free creatures (creatures whose actions are not antecedently determined, e.g., by God, or by natural law and antecedent conditions) who always do only what is right, it is not within God’s power to create free creatures and cause them to do only what is right. (If he causes someone to do what is right, then that person does not do what is right freely.)

Recent Research on Divine Violence in the Old Testament (with Special Attention to Christian Theological Perspectives)

Approximately one thousand passages’ contain examples of divine violence, leading him to suggest that ‘no other topic is as often mentioned [in the Old Testament] as God’s bloody works’. The number of people slain by God (or God’s command) in the Old Testament is calculated to be at approximately 2.5 million, a figure that only includes the number of casualties actually reported. When estimates of all the people God ostensibly kills are included, the number suggested is nearly ten times greater.

God’s violent exploits include things such as drowning most of humanity (Gen. 7.23), scorching cities (Gen. 19.24–29), sanctioning war (Num. 31.1–2), commissioning genocide (1 Sam. 15.1–3), and killing large numbers of people (2 Sam. 24.15; 2 Kgs. 19.35).

God’s behaviour in passages like these—and many others— supposedly raises enormous challenges for those who believe God is morally perfect and who claim to base that belief on the Bible’s description of God.


The Amalekite genocide

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