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ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview

Otangelo Grasso: This is my library, where I collect information and present arguments developed by myself that lead, in my view, to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation for the origin of the physical world.

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Atheism Vs Christianity

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Atheism vs Christianity

Believers, born again in Christ that follow HIM, and keep his commands, live in peace with God, peace with their neighbors, peace in their heart, and no fear. The promise of Christ for the believer is eternal life. Those that believe in HIM, have a loving heavenly Father who is unfathomably powerful - he created the physical universe, everything to the last corner of the universe - he made it - he gave a name to each star of the cosmos. He created us, did send Christ to pay for our sins, which was put to death to save us from spending eternity in hell, gave us a new nature and a new heart, redemption, and hope for eternal life in the presence of his glory. He made us new,  transformed us to be a part of His family...  

The only plausible explanation is that, contrary to what so many feebleminded atheists believe, the Christian gospel is not just about getting people into heaven. It’s about improving conditions in this life too. And isn’t that logical? If human beings are really made in the image and likeness of God, and if they truly have infinite value, then of course it’s an obligation for us to be caring and compassionate—to help people everywhere, especially those who are least fortunate.

Christianity has plaid an extraordinary role not only in the development of rational thinking but also in the spreading of such thinking—that is, the creation of an educational system.  The biblical concept that all people are created in the “image and likeness of God” is the foundation of universal human rights—including freedom.  

Christianity emphasizes the fact that we are moral agents. God has freely created us in His own image, and He has given us the power to take part in His sublime act of creation by being architects of our own lives.

It was Christianity which rejected polygamy and adultery and exalted monogamous love—love geared toward the raising of children. This is the basis for the traditional family, and no matter how much secularists decry that institution today, there is still no other force more stabilizing and beneficial to civilization.

The ancient world treated women like animals. Women were the property of men, just barely higher than slaves. Christianity changed that. The indisputable fact is that the women’s rights movement of the last two hundred years has its roots in the principles of Christianity.

Slavery was practiced for centuries before Christianity came on the scene. From its very beginning, Christians discouraged the enslavement of fellow Christians. And many early Christians purchased slaves for the sole purpose of setting them free.

Because human dignity is at the heart of Christian doctrine, Christians realized that the very idea of “owning” another human being was contrary to their faith. Christians started the first antislavery movement in history.  The concept of private property, property rights, workers’ rights, and unionization all flow from the Judeo-Christian understanding of work and its proper relationship to social justice.The idea of limited government comes from Judeo-Christian tradition too.

The notion that there are certain God-given, unalienable, moral absolutes—such as the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—that take precedence over any edict issued by a king, derives from Christianity. Before Christianity, there was virtually no institutional interest in helping the poor, the sick, the mentally ill, the disabled, the elderly, or the dying; but because of Christian teaching on the dignity of the human person, this societal callousness came to a screeching halt.

Our purpose is simple and elegant: To love God, love others, and be loved by Him.

Atheists, unbelievers, and rebels, on the other hand, live in constant fear like the thief which runs from the police. In doubt, if God really does exist or not ( which nobody cannot be certain of, and 100% sure, there are no demonstrable proofs ), in fear of death and ceasing to exist which is truly a terrifying thought ( after all, we all know that living is good, and we want to live, rather than not), in fear of being judged, in fear that God is watching, in fear of hell, frequently in a state of struggle and cognitive dissonance. Attempting, once for all, to get rid of God, but never fully succeeding. If there is no God, and no eternal life, then: From stardust, we came, to stardust we go, and all that happened in between, will soon be forgotten, and matter no more. Let us drink and let us eat, because tomorrow, we are all no more.  The end station of the materialistic worldview is death.

Materialism can not provide a foundation for moral values. 

Jeffrey Dahmer:
If a person doesn’t think there is a God to be accountable to, then—then what's the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges?,”  "That's how I thought anyway. I always believed the theory of evolution as truth, that we all just came from the slime. When we, when we died, you know, that was it, there is nothing.”

Regimes based on materialism lead either to universal anarchy and chaos or totalitarian despotism.

In the 20th century, atheist governments butchered more than 120 million people. Lenin said, “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.“Is it just a coincidence that the three cruelest tyrants in history – Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung – were all flaming atheists?

Can you name even one major atheist website, blog, or discussion forum that isn’t thick with insults, epithets, bigotry, prejudice, hatred, and gratuitous name-calling by mostly anonymous people hiding behind screen names?
I can’t. Even the “friendly” website Friendly Atheist has the word “idiot” on 732 different pages. Imagine, more than 10% of the pages on this website refer to someone as an idiot. I don’t think they’re referring to themselves. Do you?

Hitler made it clear in his writings and speeches that he believed only a tiny part of what is usually regarded as mankind consists of human beings — notably those whom he imagined to be of Nordic descent. . . . The rest — what he called racial mish-mash — belongs not to mankind but to an inferior species . . . simply animals disguised as human beings.

Atheists endorse commonly the theory of evolution, which has been influential in regards to Social Darwinism, Nazism, Communism, and racism. Evolution in Germany led to racism; the call to the German people was for racial purity and unflinching devotion to a "just" state; the belief that harsh, inexorable laws of evolution ruled human civilization and nature alike, conferring upon favored races the right to dominate others. The Germans were the higher race, destined for a glorious evolutionary future.

Richard Dawkins stated in an interview about the evolutionary racist, dictator and mass murderer Adolf Hitler: “What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right? I mean, that is a genuinely difficult question.

After 1859, the evolutionary schema raised additional questions, particularly whether or not Afro-Americans could survive competition with their white near-relations. The momentous answer was a resounding no.... The African was inferior — he represented the missing link between ape and Teuton

St. Paul makes it very clear that God gives people the freedom to pursue what they desire. If you want to live a life of debauchery, He will not stop you. If you want to murder 40 million people… He sure didn’t stop Chairman Mao. If you want a life without God, He will hide from you and you will never find Him.

What good has the christian faith brought to us

Evil: Why does God allow evil and suffering in the world?


Atheism Vs Christianity  Atheis14


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