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Otangelo Grasso: This is my library, where I collect information and present arguments developed by myself that lead, in my view, to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation for the origin of the physical world.

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Objections to Noah's flood

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1Objections to Noah's flood Empty Objections to Noah's flood Sat May 02, 2020 4:54 am



Noah’s Ark

Alright, the Global Flood Requirement Master List must be written for all time.

First thing to keep in mind: these things must all occur simultaneously in every record

Second thing to keep in mind: everything must have occurred AFTER the advent of agriculture 12,000 years ago, and AFTER the domestication of camels 6,000 years ago, since these things are in the Bible as if they always existed with humans

Paelontological record:

- sudden mass extinction of land species, including plants

- sudden mass extinction of freshwater species, including plants (near-total extinction of vertebrate freshwater species)

- sudden mass extinction of marine non-mammals living in the photic zone

- sudden mass extinction of marine mammals

- total extinction of all coral species in the photic zone (they are stationary, rely on algae to survive, algae in turn rely on sunlight, and sunlight would not penetrate that far even through clean and clear water). No recovery of these species, only their dead structures left behind all over the world

Biological record:

- population bottleneck of H. sapiens sapiens around the Middle East (humanity's evolutionary cradle should be traced back to the Middle East instead of Africa)

- The Mitochondrial Eves (all of them) should be Middle Eastern instead of Central African

- The Y-chromosomal Adam (Haplogroup A) should be Middle Eastern instead of Central African

- bottlenecks of land species including plants, traceable back to the same region

- bottlenecks of freshwater species including plants BUT - how can vertebrate freshwater species even begin to recover from living in absolutely foul and churning water, muddy and full of innumerable decaying corpses of everything that died

- presence of lactase persistence mutations in virtually all humans living today, traceable back to a group in the Middle East (lactase persistence was selected multiple times in different groups of humans after the advent of agriculture, so there are actually different mutations that grant lactase persistence) - In other words, almost everyone should be able to consume dairy today (and the majority are lactose intolerant)

- virtually all living humans should either have traces of Neandertal DNA or none at all (instead of only the ones descended from the groups that migrated from Africa to Europe and met H. neanderthalensis). All or nothing; people of African descent carrying 0% Neandertal DNA throws a fat wrench in "humanity was rebooted from ancient Hebrews" and instead remains consistent with the general evolutionary history of H. sapiens.

Archaeological record:

- sudden mass extinction of human civilizations

- bottleneck of human civilization in the Middle East

Physical anthropological record:

- sudden mass extinction of human ethnicity (genetics would reveal this)

- population bottleneck (again, genetics would tell)

Cultural anthropological record:

- sudden mass extinction of human cultures, including religions

- bottleneck blah blah blah

Linguistic anthropological record and linguistics (yeah two different fields):

- sudden mass extinction of human languages

- etymologies of all living languages traceable back to ancient Middle Eastern languages

Geology and paleobotany:

- evidence of a global layer of brackish water

- sudden death of all varieties of forests (even with a magical recovery of all tree species, there would still be evidence of a mass death of trees all over the world)


- all that water and disruption of life would have triggered a global climate shift

- something weird happening with the oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, since some 70% of our oxygen is produced by marine plants

- ice cores from all over the globe showing weird shit in the same layer

The Bible:

- there would be no clean freshwater source anywhere around the Ark, not even if they spent a month digging a well. The pressure from the flood waters would have pushed all kinds of disgusting shit into groundwater sources

Again, all of the above most be occurring simultaneously in every record.

But wait! BONUS ROUND:

- superevolution to give us the biodiversity we have today

AND NONE OF THIS  HAPPENED. It's not a mere absence of evidence of a global flood, this is all evidence against a global flood occurring. The entire world went on uninterrupted as if it never happened.

If you think the flood happened as described in the Bible, get over it and move on with your life.

What did the animals eat? Every time a carnivore feeds, it would have to eat 1 out of the 2 animals of a different "kind" thus making that "kind" go extinct since it would no longer have the means to procreate.
Herbivores would just die of starvation since all plant life (their food source) would be dead from flood waters and would take years to come back. That's just the start of the problems with the myth.
If you take the story literally, you haven't thought it through. There are so many reasons why the story, if taken literally is impossible..

The mountain currently called "Ararat" is a modern label. In Biblical times, this name referred to a region of mountains, not a single mountain. Thus, anyone who claims to have found something on THIS mountain is clearly making it up from a position of ignorance of the very story they are trying to prove true.
1. Not enough water. Claims of where the water came from don’t stand up to physics or evidence.
2. Have the necessary water and you have to deliver it in cataclysmic result: molten surface
3. Where did the water go?
4. Unreinforced wooden boat cannot stand its own weight.
5. Boat cannot navigate open deep water, nor does it have propulsion. (required for sailing to steer into waves).
6. Lack of oxygen at that altitude.
7. Lack of potable drinking water.
8. Animal dietary needs.
9. Lack of human fossils.
10. Incest. Just, so much incest required after the fact.

Condense all the water on Earth and in the atmosphere and you get nothing close to what’s needed for that story. All the water on and in the Earth is about 332,500,000 cubic miles. To flood the Earth according to the story, you need an additional 1,085,166,768 miles³ of rain to fall.
We arrive at this figure by showing the volume of the pre-flood to be 259,923,241,564 miles³. V = 4/3πr³ (Earth’s radius is 3959 miles)
Then we flood it to the levels of the story, which brings the Earth’s radius at flood to 3964.501 miles.
(The Earth’s radius plus Evererest, plus 22 feet or 15 cubits= 3964.50 miles.)
Which increases the volume to 261,008,408,332 miles³
Subtract the Earth’s volume from the volume of the Flooded Earth and we arrive at 1,085,166,768 miles³.
The water suspended in our atmosphere is sufficient to add 1 INCH of water to the surface of the Earth if we somehow managed to completely wring out the atmosphere of all vapor.
Since there are 1,101,117,147,428.57 gallons in a cubic mile, this means that your claim requires 1,194,895,700,000,000,000,000 times the amount of water in our atmosphere than we currently have after this flood ended.
Also, the Ice Age didn’t require more water then than we have now. The Ice Age simply trapped more water as ice, meaning ocean levels were lower.

***1. What physics and evidence says there’s enough water I’m waiting it is sad if you have a degree like you claim you have to use such obvious fluffy wording and nonsense. AND 3. Back into the atmosphere after it evaporated and that gave the necessary water for the ice age. ***

My response:
Condense all the water on Earth and in the atmosphere and you get nothing close to what’s needed for that story. All the water on and in the Earth is about 332,500,000 cubic miles. To flood the Earth according to the story, you need an additional 1,085,166,768 miles³ of rain to fall.

We arrive at this figure by showing the volume of the pre-flood to be 259,923,241,564 miles³. V = 4/3πr³ (Earth’s radius is 3959 miles)

Then we flood it to the levels of the story, which brings the Earth’s radius at flood to 3964.501 miles.

(The Earth’s radius plus Evererest, plus 22 feet or 15 cubits= 3964.50 miles.)

Which increases the volume to 261,008,408,332 miles³

Subtract the Earth’s volume from the volume of the Flooded Earth and we arrive at 1,085,166,768 miles³.

The water suspended in our atmosphere is sufficient to add 1 INCH of water to the surface of the Earth if we somehow managed to completely wring out the atmosphere of all vapor.

Since there are 1,101,117,147,428.57 gallons in a cubic mile, this means that your claim requires 1,194,895,700,000,000,000,000 times the amount of water in our atmosphere than we currently have after this flood ended.

Also, the Ice Age didn’t require more water then than we have now. The Ice Age simply trapped more water as ice, meaning ocean levels were lower.


You said:

**2. Molten surface? What’s going to cause all that to break out all at once or the right amount answer the genesis flood.***

My response:

Using the above figures for how much rain would be required to fall (1,085,166,768 miles³) and the time the rain fell from the story (40 days and 40 nights, simplified here to 40 24-hour days), we get a daily rainfall total of 27,129,169 miles³, or 29,872,393,000,000,000,000 gallons across the whole planet.

The highest rainfall amount ever officially recorded in the US was 2.03 inches in 5 minutes. This equates to 584.64 inches or 48.72 feet, in 24 hours, if it was sustained.

Everest + 15 feet is 29,072 feet. This means the water had to rise 726.8 feet every single day.

A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. Using the above gallons falling, we get 249,135,760,000,000,000,000 pounds of water spread across the whole Earth’s surface of 5,489,572,000,000,000 square feet. That’s thus 45,383.457 pounds per square foot.

The Ark is said to be 450 feet long by 75 feet wide. That’s 33-750 square feet of upward facing surface area, if we view it from above as a simple rectangle. That means this ark was being hit by 1,531,691,673.75 pounds of water every day, for 40 days.

If we assume the lower bounds of the rain clouds was 6500 feet, globally, and our weight for a gallon of water, the kinetic energy released by a single gallons of water would be 74,146.016 Joules of energy. Thus, the Earth would be getting hit with 2,214,918,900,000,000,000,000,000 Joules, or 531,580,540,000,000 gigatons of TNT.

Daily. For 40 days.

The energy release of this magnitude would turn the surface molten, not even bacteria would survive and water would be vaporized instantly.


And finally, you said:

**4. Not true there were Greek warships that could survive sea that were made of the same things as the ark also it’s not a boat it’s a ship okay the ark was huge and it had multiple floors about three floors not just one. Not onto to your more moronic claims. ***

My response:

There has never been an all wood vessel the size of the ark constructed which could withstand open water sailing. The number of floors are irrelevant to this.

You said:
***6. Really I don’t think so buddy not if you have God in your side***

My response:
God magic isn’t an argument.

You said:
***7. They took babies on the ark so that destroys the rest of your three nonsensical objections. Lack of human fossils? 95 percent of the fossil record are sea creatures so not a surprise in the first place if you really think about it. ***

My response:
Taking babies doesn’t change the dietary or waste management needs. Cats, for example, require animal protein to live. Without it, they get sick and eventually die. They need to eat meat. Where was the meat for all the cat species?

Why are no fossils found of humans which can be attributed to a flood event?

You said:
***10. Incest was allowed for the first 2500 years of creation to populate the earth and then it was banned by God in Leviticus chapter 18:6-18 and also our genetics would have been stronger back then and more diverse when God first created us and then when humans spreaded out we got more mutations and adaptation, so not impossible if you really think about it, ***

My response:
“Genetics would have been stronger” is a nonsense phrase. It has no meaning. Incest has nothing to do with any “strength” of genes. It has to do with closely related individuals bringing more recessive traits to expression due to the overlap of their very similar genetic sequences. This means harmful traits would be more easily expressed and thus show up in offspring. Also, mutations occur in every generation. An average human receives 60 to 200 mutations from their parents and pass along about the same number of new ones to offspring.

You said:
***also you believe you came from 2 apes 200,000 years ago that’s the exact same amount of incest as Adam and Eve hypocrite.***

My response:
ROFLMAO!!! Nonsense. I believe no such thing nor is there ANY science which says that. POPULATIONS evolve. Not individuals.

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2Objections to Noah's flood Empty Re: Objections to Noah's flood Sun May 03, 2020 5:31 am



what kind of plumbing? Just curious. Additionally, how does each animal line up to receive its particular type of food. Fresh plants, insects and of course, meat, ( no refrigerators). Who feeds them and how is it stored and dispensed. Ridiculous! Additionally, too few humans to feed so many animals. And finally, how are they separated safely enough so that some don’t eat some of the others as many are naturally predators and others, prey? Nope, impossible.

Claim: That does not explain how it first got pushed up out of the ground, and then pulled back underground. The hydraulics does not work out. Most of the water on the continents is interstitial, ie between rock particles and in fissures. Basically, the water table is full everywhere. The pressure on the water is such that it is in equilibrium with the weight of the minerals around it.

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Question: Why was the WOODEN structure not burnt to a cinder when it was overlaid by VOLCANIC ROCK?
Reply: it says "volcanic Rocks and ice", not that it was buried by an eruption. Broken volcanic rocks appear consistent with the broken open "deep springs" -- subterranean water -- which have been confirmed by science. Even more so does ice comport with the account.

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Claim: Noah would have used the wood of the ark to build houses etc. and probably not much would have remained.
Reply: This tall mountain would soon be snowcapped, the permanently frozen ship should have been preserved unless the wood was somehow carried down the mountain. Noah's family, who lived for years in tents, would have probably not devoted scarce resources to such a difficult and unnecessary task. They did not need this wood. Because wood floats, not just numerous trees but worked timbers from many wooden structures would have been lying on or near the surface wherever humans formerly lived.


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Claim: Noah did not land on Mount Ararat But in the Book of Genesis, the mountains of Ararat (Biblical Hebrew הָרֵי אֲרָרָט, Tiberian hārēy Ǎrārāṭ,) is the term used to designate the region in which Noah's Ark comes to rest after the Great Flood. The actual mountain was mount Judi.
Reply: Hebrew rrt (no vowels), Assyrian reference to nation or Urartu, also translated Ararat or Armenia. Must be the highest mountain in Ararat because tops of surrounding mountains not seen for another 10 weeks. The Ark had necessarily to rest near the top of Mount Ararat.


6Objections to Noah's flood Empty Re: Objections to Noah's flood Wed May 20, 2020 11:37 am



They could tell by all the penguin, kangaroo, and koala carcasses in the area. Oh, wait ...


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Aron: first they looked at the rain because the bible said it rained for 40 days and 40 nights considering the amount of water currently in the oceans is about 1.37 billion cubic kilometers then in order to cover all the high mountains everywhere under the heavens would require an additional 4.4 billion cubic kilometers or a billion cubic miles of water i have to convert the metrics since most of my target audience are americans who don't understand science
so to flood the world the way the bible said would take roughly three times the amount of water we already have where did all this extra water come from and we know that it couldn't already be here because the land would still be covered now some have argued that it wouldn't take that much water because the earth didn't yet have mountains they imagined that the effects of the flood were so cataclysmic that it shoved geologic plates together and caused these mountain ranges to appear but the bible says otherwise it says there were mountains it says there were high mountains and that the water covered these all over the earth let's not forget that noaa was supposed to have landed on mount ararat which is over three miles high even the smaller peak is an elevation of two and a half miles
Reply: Marcus WooThe Hunt for Earth’s Deep Hidden Oceans  July 11, 2018
Water-rich minerals exist this deep, between 410 and 660 kilometers down, in a region called the transition zone, sandwiched between the upper and lower mantles. The mantle could hold two or three times the amount of water in the oceans. Some scientists now argue that a huge reservoir of water could be lurking far beneath our feet. If we consider all of the planet’s surface water as one ocean, and there turn out to be even a few oceans underground, it would change how scientists think of Earth’s interior.

Objections to Noah's flood Watere10

ELEANOR NELSON Huge Underground Reservoir Holds Three Times as Much Water as Earth’s Oceans JUNE 13, 2014
Earth is a jewel of the solar system, painted blue by the vast oceans that hold the majority of our planet’s water—or so we thought. Most of Earth’s water, according to a new study, may actually be locked in a reservoir 400 miles underground. That Earth, for much of its history, has been covered by water isn’t much of surprise. But how so much water ended up on a planet that, at its birth, was boiling hot has puzzled scientists for decades. Previous theories had assumed that Earth had picked up its water when it collided violently with icy comets and asteroids. But an alternate hypothesis just received a boost courtesy of a new study published in Science : Earth’s water may have been here all along, oozing out gradually as rock deep in the crust was pressed by the intense heat and pressure below the surface.

Gregg Hunter The Fountains of the Great Deep and the Windows of the Heavens (Genesis 7:11-12; 17-20) July 19, 2021
“The fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened” (7:11).
The fountains of the great deep probably refers to vast stores of subterranean and suboceanic waters. God caused the Earth’s crust to shift and these waters to burst forth. The shifting of the earth’s crust would have produced numerous volcanic explosions that would have launched magma, dust, water, gas and air all into the atmosphere. These explosions would have opened up the windows of the heavens, and the celestial waters would join with the terrestrial waters to flood the earth.

Henri Nissen Noah’s Ark Ancient Accounts and New Discoveries 2012
The Water Vapor Canopy
 Dr. Joseph Dillow 7 has done extensive research on the idea of such a water vapor canopy. The theory developed by Dillow was later modied by Dr. Larry Vardiman who believed that much of the waters engulng the world at the time of the Flood could have been stored in small ice particles distributed in equatorial rings around the earth similar to those around Saturn.8 This water vapor canopy could have collapsed, falling as rain. Or volcanic eruptions associated with the breaking up of the fountains of the great deep could have thrown dust into the water vapor canopy causing the vapor to nucleate on the dust particles thus forming rain. The canopy, however, couldn’t have been too thick as this would have caused the earth’s surface to be intolerably hot. And actually, researchers at Texas A&M University have demonstrated that the atmospheric pressure at sea level was once twice as much as it presently is (760 mm).9 Vardiman and Rush concluded that a maximum of 2 meters (6.5 ft.) of rain could be held in such a vapor canopy.10 Even though it is quite a lot of rain, it is not enough to cover the earth completely including the mountains. Therefore, most creation scientists believe that the major source of the Flood waters did not come from above, but from the fountains and springs of the earth by the lifting up or tearing apart of the tectonic plates causing a series of volcanic eruptions. You can almost imagine the massive amounts of water from the ocean being thrown up into the air like boiling water from mighty geysers, just to fall to the ground again over a period of 40 days. Maybe we will even one day hear of an “inner ocean” in the depths of the earth because evidence is mounting that there is still a huge amount of water stored deep in the earth in crystal lattices of minerals due to the immense pressure.

Aron: and remember that the way volcanoes rise is by piling up lava which is typically over a thousand degrees even under water so was there any stupid enough to argue that noah landed on a volcano that was still in the process of forming now somehow 15 cubits of water is supposed to cover mount ararat which stands two and a half miles high the problem is you're assuming mount era existed at that time so you're telling me that a freshly because mount erat is a volcano correct and you want to tell me that it just caused this volcano so a two and a half mile high volcano just formed just now and you're going to land a wooden boat on it no i'm saying it formed during the flood under the flood waters
Reply: Oregon state university:  Ararat 05/03/2010
Ararat is the largest and highest volcano in Turkey. Ararat is a stratovolcano. In the above image, north is to the lower left. The border with Armenia is 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the summit and is roughly along the left edge of the image. Ararat has not erupted in historic time. The most recent eruption was probably in the last 10,000 years. The volcano is thought to be the resting place of Noah's ark. The observation of vessel-shaped features in aerial photographs of Ararat caused a stir in the late 1950s. Expeditions found the features to be landslides and lava flows.

My comment: So the last eruption about 10 thousand years ago would be significantly before the event of Noah's flood.

Aron: million joules of energy are liberated this energy is known as the latent heat of vaporization and is the source of energy that powers thunderstorms and hurricanes so converting the water vapor to rain over 40 days
would radiate about 10 to the 28 joules of energy worldwide raising the atmospheric temperature beyond 6400 degrees making earth the second hottest object in the solar system
Reply: Philipp Williams: Arons wants to make rain the chief source of the Flood waters. But the waters in aquifers, the primary source, was as cool as spring water.  There had been no rain prior to the Flood, as these springs were the source of water for deserts and the Arctic alike. Elephants grazed in Siberia. The earth was actually cooler before the Flood, which explains the megafauna. It seems to have been the shifting of the axis or the earth’s rotation that crushed these aquifers, releasing the waters but also giving the earth its present winter summer, creating the hydrological cycle, which is also responsible for the desert belts north and south of the equator.

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8Objections to Noah's flood Empty Re: Objections to Noah's flood Thu May 21, 2020 1:47 pm



40,000 animals on a boat? What did the elephants do for exercise. And what did the lions eat - monkeys? air you serious?




How Did Animals Spread All Over the World from Where the Ark Landed?


10Objections to Noah's flood Empty Which Animals Were On the Ark with Noah? Thu May 21, 2020 9:53 pm



Which Animals Were On the Ark with Noah?


11Objections to Noah's flood Empty Re: Objections to Noah's flood Fri May 22, 2020 6:17 am



If you accept flood geology as a fact, the ark can not be on mount Ararat since it is a strata volcano that must have formed after the flood waters had receded


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'We've found Noah's Ark!'... claim evangelical explorers on mission to snow-capped Ararat (but British scientists say 'show us your evidence')

UPDATED: 14:50 BST, 28 April 2010


So Christians believe that Noah had 40,000 species on his ark, but there are clearly more than 40,000 species alive today. Shouldn't that mean that they believe in evolution? Only, they don't. So that would mean that God would have had to do whatever he does to create species since the time people were smart enough to build wooden ships, so that would mean we would observe him doing this when new species arrive on Earth. Why can't evolution simply be what we see happening when he does this! Nobody's ever seen a species just "appear" out of no where and it's stupid to refuse something that's as factual as the fact we exist. Evolution doesn't prove God one way or the other, but it is proven, and I'm on neither side with this argument, but if evolution is proven then it must be they way by which God makes new species to Christians. You can't say Noah only saved 40,000 species and be as stubborn to say that evolution doesn't exist. It just doesn't work both ways.

Kinds - cat, dog, horse, mouse. For a more detailed view of "kind", look up baraminology. - Steve, Kent, 30/4/2010 22:09 So 36 species of wild cat have evolved in less than 5,000 years? 50+ species of mouse in less than 5,000 years? Darwin rules! Evolution is proved and accepted. The timescales are a bit shorter than Darwin said, but hey, the basic principles are right. I'm impressed - 36 species of wild cat evolve from a common ancestor in less than 5,000 years. I have looked up baraminology - let's juST say that it as scieNtific as most of Creationism and ID - i.e. not at all. But at least we agree that Tigers, Lions, Leopards all evolved from a common ancestor. I don't think it happened as quickly as you do, but at least we agree on the principles.


13Objections to Noah's flood Empty Re: Objections to Noah's flood Mon May 25, 2020 12:45 pm



How Mythology Disproves Noahs Flood



14Objections to Noah's flood Empty Re: Objections to Noah's flood Wed May 27, 2020 6:26 am



Question : what is the best evidence that the flood was global ?
Reply:  The global or nearly global extent of many strata or groups of strata I think is the best evidence that the Flood was global.

"Coal measures (strata) typically have a layer of coal (fossil trees) covered by mud, then another layer of coal, the mudstone, et cetera, up to six or more times."
It may be that you think the Biblical flood was a single deposition, though this is not the YEC claim. You are likely aware of tides, caused by the moon's gravity. Now think about what the tides would be like if there was no land to mitigate it: the tidal bulges would be much more pronounced. This would cause drastic changes in water level twice daily and thus result in many erosional and depositional events of the year of the Flood.
We see ripples (crossbedding) in sandstone layers including those exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon. Those ripples indicate both that the sand was deposited underwater and that the water was moving.
"Besides, limestone does not form in floods."

Sediment is deposited in floods. It doesn't turn to rock, ie., limestone, until later.
"It is caused by slowly precipitated silt sediments at only a few mm or cm per year. So, one single flood does not explain the strata."
This is indeed the long ager claim, and they also claim the water was stagnant in order for the organisms to not be eaten nor decomposed before they were buried. Many strata show paleocurrents, which is a result of water flow. Thus the claim of stagnant water is shown to be false for all strata which have paleocurrents.


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One question I and other Creationists often get is, "If there was a flood that deluged and destroyed the pre flood world then where are all the pre flood human remains"? Fair question, and here are a few answers.

1. 🌊When God first made the world nearly 7000 years ago he created a world full if plants and animals and just two human beings (Adam and Eve). Nearly 2000 years later God sent the flood to judge the evil pre flood inhabitants and the world was still full of plants and animals and still few human beings. My I guess is, there were less than 200 million** souls on earth from Adam to Noah (a little under 2000 years of history) which is far fewer than the 7.6 billion we have today. Point is there were less people. And people can run to higher ground and hold onto floating debris until the end making them less likely to be buried deep in the sedimentary rocks, plus the sedimentary rocks have hardly been scratched who knows what is waiting to be discovered.

2.)🌊Pre flood man may have been bigger and more robust than his modern counterparts and so any pre flood human remains maybe be overlooked (due to the Darwinian dogma) or even discarded, it is rumored that the Smithsonian museum has a long history of discarding things that don't fit the evolutionary worldview.

3. 🌊The absence of human fossils is much more a vexing problem for the evolutionists, for if man have been living and dying and burying his dead for over 300,000 years, surly billions of graves and artifacts would have been produced during that hug amount of time, the earth surface should be inundated with them, where are they?

4. 🌊The entire purpose of the flood was to destroy evil Antediluvian man and his civilization not preserve it.

1 Peter 3:15 kjv------ (But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.)


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Creationists answer the critics of Noah's ark (:speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:) part 1#.
Of all the Biblical sagas told throughout the Bible ancient pages ((Genesis chapters 1-2), (Noah's ark), (The Exodus event), and (The Resurrection of Christ Jesus)) are the most scoffed at and for good reasons, bible scoffers know by attacking these 4 foundations so goes the rest of the bible. Tragically many professing Christians have compromised the clear teachings of the "Holy Scriptures" with man's "just-so stories" about earth's past which has in turn given rise to false doctrine and seducing spirits, St.Paul warned Christians about that in Galatians chapters 1 vs 6 kjv.
Now let's answer some common criticisms of Noah's ark itself.
1.) 🔨Q-----Noah's ark.
A------ Actually it was "God's Ark", righteous Noah was just the human catalyst God use to get the job done. Ark deniers often say Noah and the available tech he had at his disposal in the early bronze age wasn't sufficient enough to get the job done overlooking the fact that God gave the instruction and tech to already-intelligent beings that he created in his image (Man).

2.)🔨Q-----What about all the animals and necessary foodstuffs? Could the ark carry everything it needs during its "alleged" 1 year journey?
A------ The biblical dimension is given to the length, width, and hight of this craft put it somewhere between 450 to 520 feet long depending on who's cubit is right (the Egyptian used by Moses or the pre-flood inhabitants who probably were bigger than their modern counterparts). According to the ark feasibility study not only the ark had the capacity to hold thousands upon thousands of nostril breathing land animals (mostly babies & juve representatives), but also their needed foodstuffs "vegies" 🥕🥔🍅🥬, with water being retrieved by outside buckets 💧(via Noah and family) from freshwater pre-flood oceans. Also many creatures could hibernate reducing the need to feed and the burden of clearing waste.

3.) 🔨Q------ What about ventilation & fresh (💨💨💨) air? With thousands of nostril breathing veggie eating creatures surely you'll have methane and fresh air problem.
A------ According to the Genesis text (Chapters 5&6 kjv) God instructed Noah to put a continuous window on the third deck of the craft which would be sufficient for ventilation and whatnot. Also, some Creationists believe that Noah may also had a small "Moonpool" built on the bottom floor of the ark to relieve stress on Ark's wooden Hull and to provide another way of getting rid of waste and aiding in ventilation.

4.)🔨Q------ What about the ark seaworthiness?
Surly the ark would have capsized or rollover due to the violent nature of the worldwide flood waters plus its huge wooden hull would have leak sink and kill all on board.
A------- Again this craft was God's project not Noah's. Plus God told Noah to cover the ark with pitch to make it water-resistant and leak proof. Furthermore, Noah may have also installed drogue stones, drogue stones were used by ancient and some middle-age sailors to stabilize their boat in rough water (I provided a 5 min video below showing the effectiveness of the drogue stone hypothesis and how particular secular television broadcasts tried to overlook this scientific research). Furthermore, the ark wasn't designed to sail, it was designed to float as the floodwaters deluge the entire planet all-around Noah.

The top four objections to the reality of Noah's big boat are often hurled at Christians with many tragically not knowing how to answer them (1 peter 3:15 kjv). Albeit Ark scoffers will surely have a difficult time rebutting the top 4 answers. Stay tune for part 2#.

See...Genesis chapters 5&6 kjv.

The following was admitted from a secular broadcast because it showed the effectiveness of the Drogue Stones on the Ark...https://youtu.be/1O8wGjwyS7o


17Objections to Noah's flood Empty Re: Objections to Noah's flood Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:14 am



We have abundant evidence for an ice age and the resulting lowered sea levels. There are signs of glaciers much farther from the poles than they occur today. We have human settlement remnants in places that are currently underwater. It is generally accepted, even in the mainstream community, that the last ice age produced lowered sea levels and exposed land bridges. They appeal to this to explain such things as the crossing of the Bering Strait and settling of the Americas by the Native Americans. But it applies all over the world.

the waters of the Flood which came from great aquifers in the earth (there was then no rain) ran into the oceans deepening and stretching the oceans and pulling down the coastlines. For example, the preFlood Eastern American coast is the continental shelf now many miles off the present coast. Cities and villages now lie under water. All this has been interpreted as due to an Ice Age that never existed. What is now used as evidence of an Ice Age was discovered and originally and correctly described as the Diluvium, the actual Noah’s Flood only about 4300 years ago.

To understand the excessive Ice Age (Diluvium) dating, know that Charles Lyell needed a long time to explain the deep Diluvium deposits as something other than a single Flood lasting for about a year. His original guess was about 250,000 years and used the presence of various animals (hippopotamus, mammoths, cave bear, reindeer) then extant in Europe. These same sites were latter changed to the current anthropological ones (Mousterian, etc.) which presently divide the Paleolithic periods from upper to lower. All this was done prior to the advent of scientific dating! The purely artificial Paleolithic/Neolithic dating (end of Ice Age) was based on Herodotus’s mythical king list of the beginning Egyptian civilization, which was about 12,000 years. The scientific dating is still calibrated to this mythical beginnings of Egyptian civilization. Thus, the Ice Age suddenly ended 12,000 years ago. There is plenty of old carbon etc to date these sites as one pleases. I predicted that dates would continue to get pushed back indefinitely because “oldest” sites get the funding.


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Aron Ra: What they found instead was that the rocks were in layers called strata that certain types of fossil shells and such were only found below a certain depth in the older rocks and the modern-day animals only appear in the highest layers which of course were laid down more recently


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