ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview
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ElShamah - Reason & Science: Defending ID and the Christian Worldview

Otangelo Grasso: This is my library, where I collect information and present arguments developed by myself that lead, in my view, to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation for the origin of the physical world.

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Justifications for a theistic worldview - Astronomy

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Justifications for a theistic worldview - Astronomy

You can download the book at following two links for free:



Chapter 1:

page 1
Beyond the Universe
Does God exist? origin of God metaphysical reality
Who or what created God?
Omnipotence definded

page 2
God is not complex
Is attributing eternity to God special pleading?
" There is no evidence for God. " Really ??!!

page 2
Omnipotence definded
Who is God ? Attributes of God

Chapter 3
Origin of the universe
How did the universe start ?
1 and 2: The Universe was created by nothing.

page 4
Virtual particles require a quantum vacuum. What was the cause of the vacuum ?
Eternal regress of the Universe

page 5
4: Can the universe be eternal, without a beginning ?
Scientific reasons why the universe cannot be past eternal
The 2nd law of thermodynamics refutes the eternal universe
Cyclic universe theory why it fails

page 6
The Multiverse hypothesis

page 7
The universe most probably had a beginning at a finite past
5. The Universe was created by something uncreated.

page 8
Timeless causation
Laws of Physics, where did they come from?
What comes first, mind or matter?

page 9
Near Death experience , evidence of dualism
Consciousness and out of body experiences point to dualism, the separation of the body and mind
The Mind is Not The Brain

page 10
Dirac, God is a mathematician

page 11
The universe must be 3 dimensional

page 12
Matter Antimatter Asymmetry
Matter-antimatter mystery remains unsolved

page 14

Chapter 3
Finetuning of the universe
Is the finetuning real?

page 16
FineTuning of the Initial Conditions of the Universe
Finetuning of the Big Bang

page 17
Extreme Fine Tuning of the Cosmological Constant

page 18
Quark finetuning

page 19
The proton neutron mass difference & finetuning
The strong and electromagnetic forces

page 20
The electrically charged universe
The FineTuning of Low Entropy
Finetuning of the fundamental forces of the universe
The Force of Gravity

page 21
The Strong Nuclear Force

page 22
The Weak Nuclear Force
The Electromagnetic Force

page 23
The Ratio of the Electromagnetic Force to the Gravitational Force
The Ground State Energies of Carbon, Oxygen, Helium & Beryllium
The Number of Electrons Compared to Protons
The electomagnetic spectrum, fine tuned for life

page 27
Origin of the chemical elements
Origin of stars and planets

page 32
List of Problems with Solar System Formation

page 33
Stellar evolution and the problem of the ‘first’ stars

page 34
Chapter 4
Fine Tuning of our Galaxy

page 35
Formation and evolution of the Solar System

page 37
Chapter 5
The Finely Tuned Parameters of the Solar and planetary System
Our Unique Location in the Galaxy
Numbers of Galaxies and Stars

page 38
Unique Continental Crust and Tectonic Activity
Other Earth-Size Planets: Either Deserts or Water Worlds
Faint young Sun paradox
Reduction of Greenhouse Gases with Increasing Solar Luminosity
Methane-eating microbes make their own oxygen

page 39
Mercury–Venus Encounter
Earth at the Edge of the Life Zone
Axial Tilt and Eccentricity of Orbit
Presence of an Impossibly Large Moon
Finetuning of the rotation rate of the earth

page 40
Slowing Rotation makes the origin of life impossible at deep time
Van Allen Radiation Shield: Unique to Earth
The Sun just right for life

page 42
Earth, Moon, and Sun. Proof of creation

page 44
Formation of the solar system

page 45
Solar System stability
The earth's habitable zone

page 46
A JustRight Sister Planet

page 47
Chapter 6
The earth, designed and finetuned to host life
The make of the Earth and its interior
Earth's iron core stays solid despite being hotter than the SUN because its atoms 'shuffle like a deck of cards'

page 48
Why Earth's Inner and Outer Cores Rotate in Opposite Directions
Convection currents
Why is the center of the earth hot?
What would happen if the core of the Earth cools down?
FineTuning of the earth

page 49
The earth's size and mass, fine tuned for life
Planetary Mass and the Evaporation of the Atmosphere

page 50
Orbit speed of the earth, finetuned for life
Earth is slightly tilted on its axis at a 23.4degree angle
The Earth’s Magnetic Field
The evidence of the plasma shield

The first 25 pages of part 2 of my book. Free for download

Justifications for a theistic worldview


The first 25 pages of part 2 of my book. Free for download

Justifications for a theistic worldview


Page 1: 
The Creation of the Earth’s Magnetic Field

page 2:
Invisible hissing doughnut is Earth’s radiation shield
Protective shield
Early probe findings

page 3:
Complex configuration
Van Allen Probes Spot an Impenetrable Barrier in Space

page 4:
An impenetrable barrier to ultrarelativistic electrons in the Van Allen radiation belts
Orbit speed of the earth, finetuned for life
Earth is slightly tilted on its axis fine tuned for life

page 5:
Tidal Habitable Zone

page 6:
Earth's plate tectonics essential for life
The crust of the earth fine tuned for life

page 7:
Earth is sulfur poor
The chlorine abundance of Earth: Implications for a habitable planet
Implications of halogen depletion on Earth

page 8:
Continents, essential for advanced life on earth
Liquid Water Habitable Zone

page 9:
The earth's atmosphere
Ozone Habitable Zone

page 10:
Pressure of the atmosphere, finetuned for life
Ultraviolet light, essential for life
Ultraviolet light may create lifeessential chemicals

page 11:
Sunlight as an Energetic Driver in the Synthesis of Molecules Necessary for Life
Ultraviolet Habitable Zone

page 12:
Vitamin D: The “sunshine” vitamin
Photosynthetic Habitable Zone
Photosynthesis Requires the Right Kind of Star

page 14:
Volcanoes, essential for life on earth
Global Cooling
Outgassing and Atmospheric Formation
Earth quakes, essential for life

page 15:
The moon, essential for life on earth
How was the moon formed ?
Scientists struggle to find compelling models of the formation of the moon

page 16:
Stabilization of the earth axis tilt through the moon

page 17:
Finetuning of the moon and its orbit
Tides are vital to life on Earth

page 18:
24h Rotation rate of the earth through the moon
Water, essential for life

page 20:
The unique, life permitting properties of Water

page 23:
Where did the water on planet earth come from ?
Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle
Formation of water from quartz and hydrogen

page 24:
Carbon, the basis of all life on earth
Foundations of CarbonBased Life Leave Little Room for Error

Justifications for a theistic worldview - Astronomy Earth_10


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