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How are strata laid down?

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1How are strata laid down? Empty How are strata laid down? Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:28 am



How are strata laid down?


Geologists determine which kinds of animals lived earlier and which lived later by their positions in the strata. The deeper down they are, the longer ago they lived. This principle has been applied for years, and the theory of evolution depends upon it to a large extent. Is it right? Only if in the past sediments were deposited in some way completely different than the way they are deposited in the vat at the Engineering Research Center at Colorado State University, Foothills Campus. If the sand in the vat had contained animals which later became fossilized, a clam in the top layer at the entry end of the tank would have been laid down before a clam on the lowest level at the far end. Their height in the strata was not determined by the order in which they were laid down, so their order would not determine their relative age.
Changing the velocity, the amount of sand, etc. leaves ripple marks, cross bedding, etc. which are commonly found in the rocks. Because such evidence of rapid deposition is so often found in the rocks of the earth, a revolution has been going on for a number of years in the estimates of the time it took to lay down strata. If what happens in that vat in Colorado shows us anything about what happened when the strata of the earth were being laid down, the estimates of the time it took to lay down the strata will continue to diminish. Instead of a year, or many years to lay down one stratum, followed by more years to lay down the following strata, a big flood, could have laid down many stratified layers in a few minutes on the same day. We know it can happen because similar stratification has been observed to occur in deposits laid down in a short time by surging ocean waves from hurricanes, deposits from Mount St. Helens, etc.
Now think of deposition over a much wider area, such as the deposits seen in the Grand Canyon. The examination of outcroppings and bore holes show strata extending out over a number of states. If we can't think of a reasonable way you could put strata down one layer at a time that would cover an entire 60 foot vat, how much more difficult it would have been to lay down one strata at a time over an area which covers several states. If floods use the method of deposition that took place in the vat, it would explain how the sediments could have been laid down in stratified layers like we see in the Grand Canyon.


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