Defending the Christian Worlview, Creationism, and Intelligent Design
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Defending the Christian Worlview, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, and biodiversity

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The earth's magnetic field

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The Creation of the Earth’s Magnetic Field

The evidence of the plasma shield
1. In Science Magazine1, a team of geophysicists found another way that the earth’s magnetosphere protects life on the surface.  When high-energy ions in the solar wind threaten to work their way through cracks in the magnetosphere, earth sends up a “plasma plume” to block them. The automatic mechanism is described on New Scientist2 as a “plasma shield” that battles solar storms. 
2. Joel Borofsky from Space Science Institute says, “Earth doesn’t just sit there and take whatever the solar wind gives it, it can actually fight back.”
3. Earth’s magnetic shield can develop “cracks” when the sun’s magnetic field links up with it in a process called “reconnection.”  Between the field lines, high-energy charged particles can flow during solar storms, leading to spectacular auroras, but also disrupting ground-based communications.  But Earth has an arsenal to defend itself.  Plasma created by solar UV is stored in a donut-shaped ring around the globe.  When cracks develop, the plasma cloud can send up “tendrils” of plasma to fight off the charged solar particles.  The tendrils create a buffer zone that weakens reconnection.
4. Previously only suspected in theory, the plasma shielding has now been observed. As decribes by Brian Walsh of NASA-Goddard in New Scientist:
“For the first time, we were able to monitor the entire cycle of this plasma stretching from the atmosphere to the boundary between Earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s. It gets to that boundary and helps protect us, keeps these solar storms from slamming into us.”
5. According to Borofsky this observation is made possible by looking at the magnetosphere from a “systems science” approach.  Geophysicists can now see the whole cycle as a “negative feedback loop” – “that is, the stronger the driving, the more rapidly plasma is fed into the reconnection site,” he explains.  “…it is a system-wide phenomenon involving the ionosphere, the near-Earth magnetosphere, the sunward boundary of the magnetosphere, and the solar wind; and it involves diverse physical processes such as ionospheric outflows, magnetospheric transport, and magnetic-field-line reconnection.”
6. The result of all these complex interactions is another level of protection for life on Earth that automatically adjusts for the fury of the battle:
“The plasmasphere effect is indicative of a new level of sophistication in the understanding of how the magnetospheric system operates. The effect can be particularly important for reducing solar-wind/magnetosphere coupling during geomagnetic storms. Instead of unchallenged solar-wind control of the rate of solar-wind/magnetosphere coupling, we see that the magnetosphere, with the help of the ionosphere, fights back.”
7. Because of this mechanism, even the most severe coronal mass ejections (CME) do not cause serious harm to the organisms on the surface of the Earth.
8. The necessary timings when this system should be activated and the whole complex, very important protection system of plasma shield, battling the solar storms is an evidence of intelligent design, for the purpose of maintaining the life of the living entities on the earth planet.
9. This intelligent designer, the creator of such a great system, all men call God.
10. God exists.

1.4: The Creation of the Earth’s Magnetic Field.
The iron catastrophe turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the life that was to eventually emerge on Earth. It was one of a myriad number of factors that would later help to ensure the survival of life on the planet, "As the liquid iron swirled around it produced an invisible force that even today helps keep us alive: the Earth’s magnetic field. Convection currents inside the liquid core behaved like a dynamo and generated electric currents. These transformed our planet into a giant magnet with north and south magnetic poles." "Without the liquid iron core the early atmosphere would have been stripped away and life could never have evolved on our planet. That’s because space is lethal. It’s full of highly dangerous solar particles that can be ten times more deadly than the radiation from a nuclear explosion. These particles originate from the sun when it spews out massive solar flares. A devastating solar wind streams towards the Earth at 250 miles per second. That’s a million miles an hour. If it ever reached the surface of our planet it would strip away the atmosphere in a few thousand years. But the Earth’s magnetic field creates a protective shield and deflects the solar particles. Without the molten core, today our planet would be a sterile rocky sphere with little or no atmosphere. The tragic fate that befell our neighbouring planet, mars."

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