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Black hole 12bn times more massive than sun is discovered

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Black hole 12bn times more massive than sun is discovered

According to evolutionists, the first chemical elements heavier than hydrogen, helium and lithium formed in nuclear reactions at the centres of the first stars. Later, when these stars exhausted their fuel of hydrogen and helium, they exploded as supernovas, throwing out the heavier elements. These elements, after being transformed in more generations of stars, eventually formed asteroids, moons and planets. But, how did those first stars of hydrogen and helium form? Star formation is perhaps the weakest link in stellar evolution theory and modern big bang cosmology. Especially problematic is the formation of the first stars—Population III stars as they are called.

Evolutionists generally agree that star formation began early after the big bang. Supposedly, the cosmic microwave background originated after some 300,000 years, while the first stars and structure in the universe developed after 1 million to 10 million years.


The star accretion theory ( i'd say rather fantasy ) and existence of population III stars which would be the origin of heavy elements, needed for advanced life to exist, gets another blow. The new evidence rather points to the formation of stars in a very short time after the Big Bang.

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