Intelligent Design, the best explanation of Origins
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Intelligent Design, the best explanation of Origins

This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, and biodiversity

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1Superlatives Empty Superlatives on Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:34 am


ATGC quartet
adios, evolution.
biologically disastrous
carefully crafted solutions
carefully planned inventions
chemical architecture
crucial reaction
could not come one after the other
could make it work
crucial selective criteria
crucial-for-life reason for this amazing chemical trick.
dauntingly improbable
engineering marvel
engineering cleverness
example of high technology
exquisite balance
exquisite interplay
exquisitely designed biomolecules
exquisitely engineered molecular arrangement
exquisite molecular machines
“Fantastic Four”
finely engineered
hallmark of foresight and sound engineering
How did this perfect,  molecular wonder form without anything telling it to?
have to be in place at the same time
highly intricate network
incredible process
indication of the planning involved
If only one exists without the other, no cell at all
incredible bioengineering
ingenious solutions
ingeniously crafted devices
It’s make or break
it’s far and away the best
large multimolecular machines
let’s reason through the claim
life’s long-term storehouse of genetic information
making, finding, and specifically selecting this particular and life-essential
many orders of magnitude
masterful information-storage molecule
miniaturized technology
molecular architecture
must also be incredible
purely blind chemical forces have accomplished this challenging
putting it mildly
ready to go in the very first organism
wonderful array
wonder of engineering finesse
wonderful chemical trick!
striking solutions
superb atmosphere
superb for the job they have
perfectly suited
perfect link to construct
set of problems that had to be solved and implemented virtually simultaneously,
this stability control for both DNA and RNA had to be anticipated ahead of time and the solution provided with just-in-time delivery
to drive home the point
very elegant and ingenious process
“were born” to make
which came first, the DNA or the correction machinery?

Without peer
the veil began to lift
glimpse the sophistication
extraordinary pieces of matter
further depths of complexity
intricate structures and systems
vastly complex DNA topologies
vast and growing inventory of mini-RNA regulator molecules
the complexity unearthed by cell biology
zooming into a Mandelbrot set…
Intricate patterns as one peers closer at its boundary.
tiny unit of compact, adaptive sophistication
the cell feels infinitely complex.
Complex beyond any sensible measure and beyond any other conceivable material form
in so many ways supremely fit to fulfill their role as the basic unit of biological life
incomparable diversity of form
the universe of ciliate form is absurdly diverse
the diversity of cell forms is stunning
unique fitness of the cell
amazing abilities and the diversity of functions it performs
spectacular capabilities
E coli, a tiny organism, less than one-millionth of a meter in diameter and two-millionths of a meter long, so small that “20 would fit end-to-end in a single rod cell of the human retina,”
perfectly adapted to their assigned task
astound us
extraordinary fitness
stunning prior fitness
serve highly specific ends essential for the assembly of the core macromolecular constituents and the physiological functioning of the cell. I call this the unique fitness paradigm.
the fitness of the cell depends on a deeper fitness prefigured into the very fabric of reality.
Profoundly biocentric whole.

There are systems that look recognizably like manufactured artifacts

Constrain combinatorial space with distant information-rich outcomes in mind.
Intelligent agents also have the capacity to introduce complex technological systems into the world fully formed.
Mental mode of causation.
Prior to their material instantiation
Designed systems, whether automobiles, airplanes, or computers, invariably manifest a design plan that preceded their first material instantiation.
The parts do not generate the whole. Rather, an idea of the whole directed the assembly of the parts.
Overarching function.
Specifically, by engineers.
Tightly and functionally integrated system of parts and subsystems,
linear sequence-specific arrangements of characters.
Ultimately derives
conscious activity.
Rational agents
functionally integrated complex systems
applied constraints on the possible arrangements of matter to limit possibilities in order to produce improbable forms, sequences, or structures.
Constrain possible outcomes to actualize improbable but initially unrealized future functions.
Uniquely possess
highly specified, tightly integrated, hierarchical arrangements of molecular components and systems
design information-rich hierarchies, in which both individual modules and the arrangement of those modules exhibit complexity and specificity.
Specificity of design.

vastly complex DNA topologies
complexity unearthed by cell biology


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2Superlatives Empty Re: Superlatives on Wed Nov 11, 2020 11:52 am


There was NO prebiotic selection of the basic building blocks of life amongst myriads of possible configurations. THIS ALONE is a checkmate situation for the unguided abiotic origin of life hypotheses

The odds to have a minimal genome of 1,3mio nucleotides to have the smallest free-living lifeform is one to 10^722000. That is in the realm of the impossible. Eliminative inductions lead to God.

Minds are composed of intentional states. Intentional states are normative states that create the possibilities of failure. Good or bad are not natural states. Therefore, the mind is not natural.  

Matter cannot produce logic intelligence  language consciousness imagination thinking thoughts feelings emotions because they are in substance different than matter

The chance to find a message written on a cloud in the sky: "Jesus loves you" randomly,  is as DNA creating its own software, and upon it, writing a complex algorithm to make a protein by accident.

Minds are categorically different than matter. Matter cannot produce minds.

Instructional information, using symbols and coding systems are abstract representations and non-physical, and always originate from thought—from conscious or intelligent activity. 

DNA  informs the necessary amino acid sequence to make proteins. It does so using instructional, prescribed information. The sequence must be specified and correct. Chance can't do that.

Crazy is who thinks that the physical universe can be either eternal or emerged from absolutely nothing. Both propositions are impossible, but atheists have to stick to them nonetheless denying God.

Strong atheism is a worldview, where God has no place, but everything that exists is the physical universe, nothing beyond. That assertion cannot be proven.

When you ask for proofs of God's existence, you show that you don't have a sound epistemological framework. God's existence cannot be proven.

Atheism is a religion of death. Christianity of hope and life. An atheist believes that physical death is the end. Christians believe that the end of this life is a transition to eternal life.

God's existence cannot be proven, in as much as the claim cannot be proven, that the physical world is all there is.

Nobody has proof whether there is a God or only the physical world. The right question is: How can we best explain our existence?

If there is no God, then we are ultimately not accountable for anything. From stardust we came to stardust we return, and what we did in between, nobody will remember.  

Nobody beats a dead horse. Since God exists, atheists and God deniers try to deny his existence, but without success. The natural world points to God.

The universe cannot be past eternal. Neither could it be self-caused. Therefore, it must have been caused by God.

Is the origin of the following better explained by chance, or design? blueprints, machines, computers, energy turbines, robotic production lines, factories, transistors, energy production plants?

1. Either life is due to natural processes, or intelligent design. 2. Life is not due to natural processes, 3. Therefore it is due to intelligent design.

The genetic code and the instructions to build cells and complex biological organisms, stored in DNA, were most likely created by an intelligent agency.

1. If objective moral values exist, then God exists. 2. Objective moral values exist. 3. Therefore, God exists.

Codes always have code-makers. Therefore, the genetic code had most probably a code-maker: God.

Minds exist which have and use objective logic. Objective logic depends and can only derive from a pre-existing necessary first mind with objective logic. That mind is God.

The origin of programs, logic gates, and complex circuits to obtain a purposeful specific outcome is always tracked back to intelligent implementation.

Laws and require a lawgiver. And interdependent systems a creator. Therefore, nature, the laws of nature, and their interdependence require a creator.

The physical universe which operates in an interdependent manner with the laws of physics was with high certainty implemented by an intelligent creator.

The chain of sustained beings cannot regress infinitely. Therefore, the chain of sustained beings must terminate in an independent being that is not itself sustained.

People have a lifetime to think if God exists. Once they die, it's over. No way back. Make the right choice as long as there is time. There will be a time, where you cannot repent anymore.

John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Daniel 12:2 Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.

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