Defending the Christian Worldview, Creationism, and Intelligent Design
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Defending the Christian Worldview, Creationism, and Intelligent Design

This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to the Christian faith, creationism, and Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, and biodiversity

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My dictums

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276My dictums - Page 12 Empty Re: My dictums Sat Dec 25, 2021 6:10 am



Everything, in its normal course, is decaying. The universe is obeying the second law of thermodynamics. One day, energy will all be consumed, and be unable to perform any work. Our universe will enter a state of heath death.

Atoms, in a stochastic process, break down. Estimates for the half-life of protons is at 1.29×10^34 years. Yeah, it's a long period, but nonetheless, they go their trajectory as everything else.

In a few billion years, our Sun will become a red giant, ceasing to sustain nuclear fusion, and die.

Systems, given energy and left to themselves, DEVOLVE to give uselessly complex mixtures, “asphalts”. the literature reports exactly ZERO CONFIRMED OBSERVATIONS where evolution emerged spontaneously from a devolving chemical system. it is IMPOSSIBLE for any non-living chemical system to escape devolution to enter into the Darwinian world of the “living”. Such statements of impossibility apply even to macromolecules not assumed to be necessary for evolution.

All living organisms, after a certain period of time, die, and the molecules decompose into atoms.

If everything in our universe is in the trajectory of decaying, why did all start in the first place? How was energy in a low entropy state, hot, dense, and extremely highly ordered, created, breaking the second law, doing exactly the contrary of what we observe in the universe? Roger Penrose called the Second Law of thermodynamics one of the most fundamental principles of physics. We should be surprised to the extreme with the fact that the universe started in such a state.

The low-entropy condition of the early universe is extreme in both respects: the universe is a very big system, and it was once in a very low entropy state. The odds of that happening by chance are staggeringly small. Penrose estimates the probability to be roughly 1/10^10^123.

Atoms are only stable because the forces that hold them together, are finely tuned, and because of Bohr's law of quantization, and Paulis exclusion principle in operation in every single atom. If that were not so. atoms would be ions, and annihilate in a fraction of a second.

Life in any form is a very serious enigma and conundrum. It does something, whatever the biochemical pathway, machinery, enzymes etc. are involved, that should not and honestly could not ever "get off the ground". It SPONTANEOUSLY recruits Gibbs free energy from its environment so as to reduce its own entropy. That is tantamount to a rock continuously recruiting the wand to roll it up the hill, or a rusty nail "figuring out" how to spontaneously rust and add layers of galvanizing zinc on itself to fight corrosion. Unintelligent simple chemicals can't self-organize into instructions for building solar farms (photosystems 1 and 2), hydroelectric dams (ATP synthase), propulsion (motor proteins), self-repair (p53 tumor suppressor proteins) or self-destruct (caspases) in the event that these instructions become too damaged by the way the universe USUALLY operates. Abiogenesis is not an issue that scientists simply need more time to figure out but a fundamental problem with materialism.

To me, this is powerful evidence of a powerful creator, which instantiated all state of affairs in the beginning, contrary to the normal trajectory of our universe, atoms, molecules, and life. He gave life to things that otherwise, would not exist.

Everything in our universe decays, but God is God. Forever and ever. Without a beginning, and without an end. He creates the beginning. He is the alpha, the beginning of everything. He is the creator. He is the instantiator. The maker. Nothing equals Him. We owe our existence to Him, that's why He deserves our worship and praise. Amen.

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Atheists commonly claim that they have reason and science on their side, compared to a Skydaddy, magic, religion, talking snakes and monkeys, and fiction.
Some also claim that their views are based on evidence, not faith, so they self-describe themselves as apistevists. ( they lack faith).

But suddenly, when it comes to putting the propositions on the table, and each side to show the cards that they have to play, it seems that the picture changes. Those that are more courageous, and don't hide behind the " I don't know" canard, claiming that they make no claims, and therefore, the burden of proof is all on us, those that describe themselves as strong atheists, and try to portray a worldview without God, resort to:

Multiverses, bubble universe, parallel worlds, string "theory", Virtual particles, oscillating universes, an eternal universe, a universe from nothing, the formation of stars through accretion, abiogenesis, a last universal common ancestor, a tree of life, macroevolution by unguided means, billions of years, transitional fossils, convergent evolution, consciousness, intelligence, and language as an emergent product and property of the brain, and subjective morality. Ought to be's are sufficiently reinforced by man to become binding.

They believe power and energy came from no power and no energy. No space created space. No mind created the mind. No consciousness created consciousness. No morality created moral values. No intention and will created intentional states, and will from jiggling electrons.

All propositions that they take ON FAITH, without a shred of empirical demonstrable scientifically based evidence. They reject theism because Gods existence cannot be empirically verified by our senses, but accept by default that the No-God proposition is true until shown otherwise, because all that their senses perceive, is natural, completely disconsidering that what we can observe in our world, is just a fraction of what we know to exist.

But it's the atheist's position that is supposedly perfectly rational, science-based, on credible peer-review, scientific consensus, logical, plausible, probable, and rational, and the scientific establishment is on their side. After all, 97% of biologists believe in evolution, therefore, it must be true.

On top of that, they truly believe that this unfathomably complex world came about solely by chance. Random luck. Natural selection by no mechanism with foresight, intent, goals, imagination, and intelligence.

How does that make sense ?

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What gives me the greatest joy, is when I think about Jesus, and what he did for us.  

1 Corinthians 2:2
For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.

While atheists ridicule and diminish His sacrifice, claiming that He just lost a weekend, to me this act is the greatest proof and illustration of Gods greatness of character, heroic act, strength of will, love, gracefulness, commitment to his creation, in special the kind he made in His image, us. You and me.

When I came to live in brazil, 25 years ago, I had a friend, who worked as a missionary with YWAM, Youth with a mission, in a Slum in Rio de Janeiro, called Dona Marta, where Michael Jackson recorded some scenes for the clip: " They don't care about us". MJ just used the picturesque place as scenery for the clip, but sadly, in real life, did in fact not care for the people and children there. I had contact with his personal photographer, which I met there. I did send him a folder about the community, and he promised to give it to MJ, but never got a reply.

That friend, that I supported, that was doing missionary work,  later drifted away from the gospel, distanced himself more and more from following Christ, started to approximate himself to the local drug lord, which later was killed in prison, and started an extramarital relationship with various girls in the slum, and also became the father of a girl, that grew up without his presence. Observing this, I distanced myself from him. Recently for curiosity, i checked here on FB what he was doing, and saw an interview with him. He said: I am promoting what is on my behalf to make the place where I live a better place.

That led me to some reflections. I think his worldview and thinking devolved to become childish and immature. Romans 3 is very clear. Humankind and nature is doomed. The only redemption and transformation can occur when we are born again in Christ. When our nature becomes new, through the intervention of God's grace, and the operation of the holy spirit in our lives. The world will continue its trajectory of fallenness, and rather than becoming a better place to live, it will become worse. Christ came as the brightest light and culprit of an example of how we ought to live. In righteousness, holiness, and truthfulness.

What humanity has ahead, is the coming of the imitator of Christ. The antichrist. He will amaze the whole world with never seen miracles and will be hailed by all great world religions. The Jews will welcome him as the long-expected messiah. The fifth Buddha, Krishna, or Imam Mahdi.

Maitreya is the Teacher for all humanity — those of all spiritual traditions, and those who follow no particular faith. He does not come as a religious leader, but as an educator in the broadest sense.

Probably, he will eradicate hunger in the world, and wealth inequality. He will be hailed more than Hitler, and people will sing him praise. But he is the culprit of expression of evil and depravity, incorporating Satan.
Our realistic expectation is that the world is heading to more technology, more control, more surveyance of the state, less freedom, and a totalitarian one-world order regime. It can take another 50, 100, 200 years. I don't know. While Satan is doing his thing, God is governing and holds all power and events in his hand. Nothing happens, without Him knowing and permitting it.

What I do know, IMHO, is that I want to live for and with Christ. The ultimate commitment is to die for Christ. And many do so today.  I want to do the good works that God has prepared for me to do. I want to shine as a light, pointing to Jesus. Together with my brethren and sisters in Christ.

I wish you a happy New Year 2022. Blessings.

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One needs to have a change of his heart and will as a precondition, to start recognizing God's handiwork, and give Him praise. Man in his fallen nature is blind to recognize God's glory in Jesus Christ through His direct revelation in the Bible, and in the created order. Man comes only to God when the holy spirit draws him into God's hands. Then, his heart can be transformed, and he starts seeking God. Evidence seen in the natural world deepens and solidifies man's faith and certainty of God's sublime power.

It is an illusion if apologists think that it is their arguments that convicts the sinner. In John 16:8, Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit: “When the Spirit comes, he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment” It is when man recognizes his fallen nature and the deep gap that exists between him and God's holiness and purity.

And what is the most basic sin of which the world is guilty? Jesus specifies it as unbelief. It is the sin of unbelief—a refusal to trust in Jesus that is primary, and it is what condemns people to hell.

Its when we recognize our own impurity, and God's wrath against all kinds of sin, when we are prepared to repent, open our hearts, and receive his grace.

Without God opening our eyes, there could be no salvation. As God's servants, we are like midwives helping the spiritually dead to be born and start a new life.

1. Corinthians 3:7 So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. 8 He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor. 9 For we are God's fellow workers. You are God's field, God's building.

Some apologists might be frustrated because they do not see conversions happening in front of their eyes. I see it many times: I provide the evidence, I refute successfully the arguments of unbelievers, and rather than admitting they were wrong, which very rarely occurs, they just mute, or leave the conversation. When this happens, my job is done, and I am satisfied. I don't need to see more.

That person can convert immediately, soon after, some time afterward, maybe the seed starts to do its effect in 50 years. We don't know, and don't need to know. What we need, is asking the Lord for grace, that he directs us, and fills our heart with the holy spirit to convey the message that our interlocutor needs to hear.

The rest, leave it to God. He is powerful enough to save those that were chosen before the foundation of the world.

280My dictums - Page 12 Empty Re: My dictums Sat Jan 01, 2022 8:05 am



One reason I think many have distanced themselves from God and prefer to live autonomously is a false understanding of God's character. If you ask an atheist, why he is an atheist, most commonly he will say: There is no evidence for God. But when you dig deeper, then, soon after, he will say: But the God of the Old Testament, is a tyrant. A genocide, a fearmonger, someone that condons slavery etc. How many times have we all heard that? Many also have difficulty leading with sin. Things they know, they do, that are not right, but do it anyway. So the idea that God is looking upon their shoulders is discomforting.

Recently, I heard an atheist say: Well, the idea that I can do whatever I want, without having to care or fear that God is watching, is amazing. He confessed that openly. I think, many think the same, but hesitate to confess it. Truth is, sin separates us from God. And simply denying God doesn't help. I doubt there is ONE atheist that is able to ignore the knowledge of God completely.

What I think, IMHO is that they are not aware of how much God loves us. Not only that. When we know God, who he truly is, we cannot then be amazed about Him. I at least am. I think about His immense incomprehensible power, able to create this unfathomably large universe with all the stars, galaxies, and all precisely adjusted like clockwork. I think about the sublime laws that govern all the physical, His power that hold every single atom together. That created Pauli's exclusion principle and Bohr's rule of quantization. If everything else in our universe would be equal, but just these two laws were not in place, no deal. There would be no atoms, no molecules, no life.

God's intelligence and wisdom are far beyond ours!!

I'll not ramble about biochemistry, otherwise, I won't stop. All I want to say is: God makes it worth living. He is the source of all good. He IS good. And he loves to bless us. He is faithful, and cares in special about those that are obedient, and belong to Him, and even those that rebel against Him.

If you disbelieve because you have some emotional block, reconsider. Maybe you start, giving it a new try. Talk to God, and let Him surprise you. I am not surprised, if you ask and seek, He will !!

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Wealth, power, family, worldly pleasures can never give us the answers to why we exist, peace and joy into our hearts. They all lead to dead ends: these are empty promises. But that is what the world wants to make us believe. We should hope that we can find true happiness and fulfillment in this life, through these things. But why is it then, that people enjoy everything that this life and existence can give us, live in depression? The most important thing that we need as humans are love. To be loved. Security and comfort do not come first.

Love does. Either there is a loving father, a creator God that made us motivated by his love, or not, and then we are left to believe that a cold, soulless mechanistic universe with no goals made us by a stochastic lucky accident, as a byproduct of stars. Our existence then is grounded in no love, no ultimate meaning, and hope for eternal life is not warranted.

Isn't it interesting that God describes the born again church, the body of Christ, as his bride? The feminine? Those that think God is misogynistic, might think twice. God loves women that much, that he granted it to a woman to see first the risen Christ. The most emotion-loaded spoken exchange in human history occurred between the risen Christ and Mary Magdalene.

“I heard what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude, like the roar of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, crying out, ‘Hallelujah! For the Lord our God the Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and exult and give him the glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure’—for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints. And the angel said to me, ‘Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb’” (Revelation 19:6-9).

Christianity is not about an impersonal religion, but a personal loving relationship of God, our creator, with his bride, the body of Christ, with each of us being a member, being born-again through the holy spirit, made new, by washing our sins through the blood of Christ. Christians have peace and hope in their heart. And know that above anything, we are loved by God.

Those that reject God, remain with the illusionary things that this world offers. It will soon be over. And it does not satiate the soul of anyone. Those that believe and follow Christ, have the most important that we can find: A relationship with out creator.

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God gives us food for our brains. He gives us an entire universe, planet earth, and the microworld to explore. He gives us Him, to explore who he is. Both realities, the physical, and the one beyond are both full of mysteries. Unraveling them and finding new hidden treasures sets us in awe. That's what science, philosophy, and theology are all about. In a God-world, nothing is boring.

In a No-God world, however, the same motivation is lacking. It's just about attempting to find reasons to deny God, and the result is that there is no loving God waiting at the end of the journey. Just a pity, empty, sad, material soulless universe without sentiments, without love. Its just matter. Matter, that matters to us. But we do not matter to it.

The God-world is a world of life. Everything starts with the living God that created us upon his image. And our journey, starting without knowing anything, ends in the arms of a living, loving God that reveals Himself to us, starting now, and into all eternity.

The No-God world is a world of death. It starts with a dead, life, and soulless universe, and we happen to be an intruder by happenstance. A fortunate accident, which produced thoughts suddenly through swirling atoms and molecules, but will soon end, and all our experiences will cease to exist, and go back to where they came from. Dead atoms. Does that make any sense?

I prefer a God-world, where we celebrate life, and not a No-God world, where everything is an illusion. The essence of it is death.

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We do not preach a fluffy God, which is just/only loving, caring, graceful, and forgiving. But also a just God, which hates evil and sin, and will judge all evil and deal with it properly. His love is expressed in the highest form through the atonement, and Christs suffering on the cross. Gods dealing with sin has been demonstrated in the course of history, where God has judged humanity on various occasions. God did also not exempt the Jews, the chosen people. Preaching the gospel and the good news means also calling out people to repent, being born again, and following Christ.

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In a naturalistic worldview, everything starts with the inanimated matter and ends with the heat death of the universe.
In a Christian worldview, everything starts with a living eternal God and creator, that created a finite universe, and when it ends, there will be billions of people who enjoy eternal life in heaven with their loving creator. Those that rejected Him, will get their wishes as well fulfilled.

One is a cult of death, the other celebration of life.
In a No-God world, there is no objective moral truth, and evil, suffering and pain inflicted by man against his next might find some punishment through the human justice system, but most crimes, and evil, will remain unpunished. That means, without God, this is an essentially unjust world.

In a God-world, God, a moral being, sets the standard of good and bad, and ought to be's. He is the moral authority that enforces how we ought to live and treat our neighbors. Those that have suffered evil, and the perpetrator that has never been caught, will eventually die, and the criminal be judged gets a righteous judgment based on his doings. The victim that believes in God, might have hope, that evil, one day, will find its righteous judgment.

The Christian worldview is a world, where life, love, and justice reign. Even if there is temporally evil in the world.
In the No-God world, no hope, but death awaits us, and all evil that has been done in between birth and death, will in most cases never be punished. And the victim of a crime will never see justice, and the criminal that was never caught, gets a free pass.

285My dictums - Page 12 Empty Re: My dictums Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:24 pm



Many Christians are still putting money and wealth far too high on their priority list in life. It's important, yes. We all need it. yes. We all want to have comfort, freedom, and security. But Jesus was very clear. He said, for what accumulating wealth here on earth, when we will all have to leave it behind when we die?

It's enough that we have what is necessary to attend to our basic needs: clothes, food, a roof above us. When I use my cell phone, and I am on a waiting line with spare time, I often open google, and I get automatically my newsfeed. I don't know what algorithm they use, but I often get topics that praise the riches of the richest. Bezos, Musk, their wealth, their yachts, etc. Then I ask myself: So what?

There are so many, that have incredible talents, and use them just to make money. That's ok, as long as the money does not become your master, and your idol, and your everything. When you ask wealthy people about their worldview, often it becomes clear, they have never spent serious time developing it. But I think that is the product of the world we live in.

Satan is the ruler of this world. It is a battle about souls and lives. The world tries to shape, form, and impose its values on us. As born again in Christ, we ought to see what the spirit of this world is and be a force against it. What matters in this life is God. Is our next. Is people. Everything else should be secondary.

286My dictums - Page 12 Empty Re: My dictums Sun Jan 16, 2022 2:47 pm



The universe operates based on software, and hardware ( The laws of physics dictate the behavior of the physical realm. The same occurs in the cell, where the software, instructions, dictate the making and operation of the cell. In both cases there is interdependence. One cannot work without the other. In both cases, also, one, the software, is not physical, while the other is.
So it is the non-physical is implemented to operate the physical, in the realm of the macro, and in the microworld.
What does that tell us?

287My dictums - Page 12 Empty Re: My dictums Today at 7:03 am



Mans egocentricity, versus a God-centred life

Man is egocentric. Our nature is, that we give priority to ourselves, our wishes, and our will. We constantly analyze the world in relation to what it can give to us.  When an atheist claims that there is no evidence for Gods existence, what he implicitly declares, is that, there is no God according to his taste. Atheists claim they want the truth. But the truth has to be according to their taste. They are looking for a God that fulfills their hope. That does not interfere in their life, but condones their sins and inclinations and turns a blind eye on them. A God that does not demand repentence for evil doing.

Man is inclined to fabricate his own God, that serves him. Thats where there are many idols out there. Gods, saints, angels, spiritual figures that we seek to help us getting what we want, according to our, not Gods will.  

When atheists claim that the God of the Bible is evil, they just use a parlors trick to claim that God is not qualified to be regarded as morally good, because he supposedly condons genocide, slavery, and drowning babies, and therefore, should have no business to tell them what the ought to be's are. That goes to the point, where the atheist claims that he is morally superior to God ( he just doesnt tell upon which standard). So he thinks that his state of affairs is better without anyone above him that tells him how he ought to behave, and to live his life. He wants to be his own God, and tailor the moral standard upon which to live on his own. Essentially, rejecting God is not a matter of evidence, but morals. Mans heart is darkened, and he loves his evil deeds more than the light. He loves the world more than God. He loves his lifestyle more than what God has to say about how we ought to live our lives.

It is a fight between my I, and God. Either God is the center of our lives, or we are. Either God is the one that we look up at every day, and seek him and to do his will, the center of everything, and we ought to live to serve him, or we cut the laces, and ought to live to serve ourselves. Human will is stronter than steel, and so to bring man to repentance is often preceeded by a great internal fight. Man not rarely comes to God in his greatest despair, when he has tried everything to find fulfillment in his selfish lifestyle, excluding God, and trusting himself, and it has led him into ruins. When he sees no way out, he cryes out to God, which can become a turning point. There is a dictum: Some come to God by love, and some by pain. There is great truth here.  Better to come to God by love, because, by pain, can be very painful.

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