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This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, and biodiversity

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Main topics on Gene regulation, chromatin, nucleosome and histone regulation

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Main topics on Gene regulation, chromatin, nucleosome and histone regulation

The word design is often considered taboo within the biological community, given its close association with the term intelligent design—the notion that living systems were purposefully constructed by an intelligent force rather than through a random, evolutionary process. We argue that there is an important scientific role for considering design principles and how they influence biological systems.

They attribute  a

" search process",
" molecular implementation",
" exploring",
" achieving particular functions ",
" processing information ",
" finding solutions to functional needs",
" organizing",
" architecture and algorithm implementation",
" governing",
" preferring",
" engineering",
" nature having preference ",
" constructing"

implementing :
"  design principles",
"  design logic into regulatory networks "
"  autoregulatory circuits ",
"  feedback regulation systems",
"  ON or OFF states ",
"  systems of  noise resistance to perturbations ",
"  regulatory circuits and architecture ",
"  organizational rules",
"  information processing systems",
"  logic and mechanisms into complex biological processes",
"  feedforward loops (FFLs) ",
"  network design ",
"  critical structural patterns ",
"  molecular first principles ",
"  preferred biochemical solutions for particular tasks ",
"  links by chemical paths and branch points ",
"  enzymes regulation by a network ",

 to evolution, admit that there is a " huge size and large space of possible networks ",  and conclude that

" After all, biological systems have evolved under selective pressures to perform certain functions that increase organismal fitness.",  
" Prevalence of Particular network motifs because of  historical evolutionary accidents that locked in these types of solutions ",
" prediction of evolutionary convergence ",

My comment: The problem above is that they attribute a terminology which is clearly teleological to evolution, which is by definition a process which does involve no distant goals or purpose, but a mindless natural process of development towards more biological complexity. There is a clear disruption of logical flow from the evidence to the conclusion.

Post-transcriptional modifications (PTMs) of histones affect gene transcription

The Histone code, control of Gene Expression, and gene regulatory networks  point to intelligent design

Origin of histones and nucleosomes in Eukaryotic Cells, how is best explained, by evolution, or design?

A walk through the epigenetic landscape which regulates Gene expression points to the requirement of intelligent setup and design

The remarkable modular organization and structure  of gene regulation, higher order control, and gene expression systems in biological Cells

The transcription factor code - another epigenetic language comes to light

Nucleosomes function and design

Chromosome condensation and compaction is nothing short than awe-inspiring, amazing evidence of setup by a supreme intelligence.

Control of Gene Expression and gene regulatory networks  point to intelligent design

Gene Regulatory Networks Controlling Body Plan Development

The DNA methylation code and language

Chromatin remodeling

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