Intelligent Design, the best explanation of Origins

This is my personal virtual library, where i collect information, which leads in my view to Intelligent Design as the best explanation of the origin of the physical Universe, life, and biodiversity

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Who i am, goal of this library

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1 Who i am, goal of this library on Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:38 am


Who I am, goal of this library

I am the Administrator of this forum, which is better described as my personal virtual library. My name is Otangelo Grasso. I am born and raised up in Switzerland, but have double citizenship, since my parents are Italian. I speak German, Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.My profession is machine designer. I am born in 1966.
I was raised Catholic. When I was 15 years old, I went through a deep depression. I did not know that my state was clinical, and that treatment was existing. During a few month, I tried to find a solution out and began to pray to God. So after some time, I was healed. Someone where I worked indicated me an evangelical church. So I converted the 29th of December 1984 and accepted and confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. Later I baptized.

I am married to Leila since 2007, and we have a daughter, Larissa, born in  2013. I live in Brazil since 1996, and since 2006 in Aracaju, about 300km north of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. I am an entrepreneur in the real estate business. I have no formal scientific education. All I have collected and arguments developed for Gods existence are based on my autodidactic studies. The goal of this library is, as the title states, to present scientific, philosophic, archeological, theological information, which leads in my view to the God of the Bible as the creator of our existence.

What is my worldview?

There are basically two possible causes of the physical world: intelligence, and non-intelligence. I do not think that is a false dichotomy. Every single proposal can be categorized in these two categories. There can be made a subdivision, as a physical necessity, eternal universe, multiverse etc. But they all fall into the category: non-intelligent.

Atheist Ernst Mayr ("One Long Argument" 1991:99):
"There is indeed one belief that all true original Darwinians held in common, and that was their rejection of creationism, their rejection of special creation. This was the flag around which they assembled and under which they marched. When Hull claimed that 'the Darwinians did not totally agree with each other, even over essentials', he overlooked one essential on which all these Darwinians agreed. Nothing was more essential for them than to decide whether evolution is a natural phenomenon or something controlled by God. The conviction that the diversity of the natural world was the result of natural processes and not the work of God was the idea that brought all the so-called Darwinians together in spite of their disagreements on other of Darwin's theories."

I am a born-again evangelical ( Calvinist ), Christian. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior and lord the 29th of December 1984, a snowy Saturday evening, after a brother in Christ, introduced me to the gospel, and its real significance, at new life Church, in Zurich, during a coffee meeting and evangelism campaign. Since then, it's over 30 years now, the lord has never disappointed me. I can testify that the God of the Bible is a loving, but just God. At a  congress meeting at Aguas de Lindoia, Brazil, that was in March 2012,

i had the privilege to take breakfast with William Lane Craig and his lovely wife, Jan. At that opportunity, i asked him: What is the ultimate reason that God created the universe, life, and human beings?  He answered: To know Gods goodness. Very profound.

The two main "legs" upon which God has revealed himself is 1. the bible, and 2. the natural world ( Romans 1.18-23)

125 Arguments for God's Existence

And a section where I explore why I believe the Bible is trustworthy, and the true revelation of God:

I believe, the best way for someone to construct a valid epistemological framework is based on reason is to begin as agnostic, and from there examine the proofs and evidence, and elaborate a cumulative case which leads to the Christian faith:

A cumulative case for the God of the Bible

The fossil record reveals more and more that dinosaurs are not millions of years old:

there is evidence for Noah's flood:

and several other reasons:

furthermore, I think the case to interpret an old earth based on what Genesis says, is weak.

I am a strong advocate of intelligent design and believe there is overwhelming evidence that permits to infer design and the action of a creative intelligent agency as the best explanation for our existence. 
I believe molecular biology and research of origin of life is where we find the clearest and most convincing evidence for intelligent design, and upon which we can build a convincing case. Many atheists argue that intelligent design is not science, not peer-reviewed, creationism just presented in another package etc. I think none of these arguments are valid or sound,  and solid refutations of intelligent design. I believe, this generation we live in will experience a shift of paradigm, from evolution to intelligent design, through a growing number of biology and chemistry students, which are more open-minded to evaluate both proposals, and to decide with more data on hand. 

Upon my experience, I believe, only reason alone is not enough to become a born-again Christian: What is required, is 1. God's calling and election, and 2. the will of the seeker to find God. If someone does not wish God to exist but seeks an independent life, then no matter, what evidence is presented, that person will not change its worldview.

Behe, McKenzie-Discovery lecture

Saturday, 6th of may 2017, McKenzie, São Paulo

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2 Re: Who i am, goal of this library on Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:23 pm


Please check my published work 

Virtual library:
Theory of Intelligent Design, the best explanation of Origins

A book about how astronomy/astrophysics points to Intelligent Design:
Justifications for a theistic worldview

Links to download the book at following two links:

Em portugues:

Livraria virtual:
Evidências de Deus , uma fé racional

Livro sobre astronomia:
Design inteligente, a melhor explicação para a origem do universo e o planeta terra

Evidências de Deus , uma fé racional

Livro sobre biologia molecular, e design inteligente:
A molecula de Deus 1a parte, endereço para download:
A molecula de Deus 2a parte

Fun and games with Otangelo Grasso about photosynthesis

Intelligent design and the origin of the visual cycle

From a debate group in 2010:

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