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consciousness and the timeless dimension

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1 consciousness and the timeless dimension on Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:03 am


The mystery of consciousness

Mike Jarvis

Does consciousness or mind have mass?

Our consciousness is linked to the functioning of our brains and the electrical impulses that rush back and forth. However, although our brains are made of matter and have mass, consciousness and thought seem to be in a form of associated energy without mass.

If our consciousness and thought are a form of associated energy without mass then this raises the possibility that our minds are in some mysterious way in contact with the Timeless Dimension that is being revealed through studies of quantum mechanics.

If our minds depend in some way upon the Timeless Dimension in order to create consciousness, this may help us understand why our brains seem to function in similar ways to sub-atomic realities being studied by physicists.

It might also help explain some of the revelations given to us in the Bible. For instance:

Prayer can be the communication of human minds with the Mind of God: a sort of cosmic ‘telepathy’.

Jesus said that all our words and actions are recorded and will one day be revealed. Do we all have a ‘quantum book’ existing in the Timeless Dimension? The study of quantum physics suggests that all events are known instantaneously within this mysterious world of microscopic physics, from which our time-locked universe originates and by which it is held together. It is therefore possible that our thoughts are continually being stored within the Timeless Dimension.

To my mind these possibilities and mysteries relating to the human brain lead me to a renewed amazement and awe of our Creator and to wonder what amazing things are waiting for me, when one day I am released from the limitations of time and enter into the Timeless Dimension of reality.

As a Christian, I realise more than ever before the importance of remembering that our lives are actually a testing and training for far greater things that await us in the Timeless Dimension of reality.

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2 The mystery of consciousness on Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:27 pm


The mystery of consciousness

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