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Mysterious vaults and neuronal regeneration

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1 Mysterious vaults and neuronal regeneration on Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:16 pm


Mysterious vaults and neuronal regeneration

From a certain point of view, eukaryotic cells could be described as microscopic power plants equipped with factories and energy-generating platforms, inside of which highways and compartments are constantly built and rebuilt, and a fluent traffic provides a constant recycling of structures while getting rid of garbage. The trafficking also involves material coming in and out of the nucleus, the command center. This vision of the cells is constantly being enriched by new discoveries, although nowadays we tend to think that there is nothing new on the horizon regarding cellular structures and organelles. However, recent findings still challenge our imagination: some oddities remain unknown within the plasmatic walls of living cells, and among these, we find the amazing and huge protein structures known as vaults.

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